Flexible School Year Calendars Provide Relief, Retention, and Renewal

There is a growing trend amongst public K-12 schools throughout the country, and it is a shift in scheduling. Flexible school year calendars are a happy medium between a traditional school year calendar and a year-round calendar, providing relief, retention, and renewal.   The verdict? Teachers approve, and so do students and their parents. A flexible […]

Falling in Love with Teaching…Again 

It’s February, and love is in the air, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Stores are full of candy and exploding with all things red, pink, and heart-shaped! Some people love Valentine’s Day, while others are indifferent or think it’s silly. Celebrate as you wish!  As a teacher, it’s a joyful time in the classroom. Elementary teachers celebrate with […]

Real World Classroom Tech Issues

When I entered the education profession, I was warned and nurtured about the use and roles of technology in my classroom. The advice was well-meaning and helped frame my personal vision regarding educational technology in relation to my content knowledge and instructional practices.  A synthesis of these three domains (content, instruction, and technology) is best articulated in […]

Classroom’s Latest Technology

Keeping up with the latest trends is a daunting task for teachers. I received my master’s degree in educational technology, and this is one of my passions as an educator. Technology can save time, reinforce teaching concepts, and engage students. Look no further; we have ideas and creative ways to help you improve your teaching […]

Mental Health IS Health

Mental Health IS Health Educators know that mental health issues existed before the pandemic, and there have always been issues. Enter the pandemic, and all problems, from learning gaps to mental health needs for students and teachers, were exasperated. Time, effort, and funds have been poured into school districts to help combat the impact of […]

Supporting Classroom Technology and Teachers Practices

It is a commonly held belief that, over time, technology has changed how we “do education.” Just think about how you learned and compare that to the current educational technology landscape. One conclusion your memories may yield is that the only constant (especially when it comes to education) is changing. However, qualifying this truism is […]

Don’t Bridge the Gap; build a New Road: Combatting Learning Loss in 2023

Learning loss existed before Covid-19, and there was a definite learning gap before the pandemic. Covid-19 widened that gap and shined a bright light on what’s happening in K-12 education. The silver lining to all of this is now we know, or instead, everyone knows, what’s going on, and now it’s time to take steps […]

Begin 2023 With Intention

Getting back into the new year can be a challenge after having a two-week hiatus. Reaching winter break is a milestone; however, there is much more to accomplish this school year. Educators can focus on learning and growth by being intentional and utilizing technology resources. Be intentional about expectations. Reteaching classroom rules and expectations may […]

Engage and Grow

A common question among K-12 education is, “how do we engage our students?” Students in 2022 have a large variety of learning tools and resources that allow them to do the basics of fundamental learning while also allowing them to participate in STEM projects and tour landmarks virtually, such as The Smithsonian, as well as […]

The Importance of Planning Professional Learning Communities

“Professional Learning Communities” is not a new educational concept. However, essential strategies must be implemented to make them more effective. Being a district that has seen the evolution of PLCs, there are immediate strategies that should be implemented. Consider the following when evaluating the effectiveness of a PLC in a school or district. Agendas-  The […]

Gratitude for Education Partners

A significant part of my work involves supporting high school teachers and helping them do their things well. Typically, this support consists of using instructional practices, assessing students, classroom management strategies, and implementing digital and traditional content resources. Ultimately, my support is designed to impact the learning experiences of students in a positive way. To […]

Dear Stakeholders, Thank you.

Being thankful is a life skill that everyone should practice every day. We all have something to be grateful for. The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, and a heightened sense of gratitude comes with this holiday. With everything there is to be thankful for, there’s no doubt that teachers are at the top […]

A Time to Give Thanks

As the leaves become a beautiful display of an autumn array of colors, my mind often turns to reflection and gratitude. As the leaves change colors, I can’t help feeling grateful for the many things in my life that have changed who I am. Specifically, technological advances have challenged me and caused me to grow […]

The Importance of Parent Resources

Educating a student typically includes three parties: The teacher, the student, and the parent or guardian. Education changes all of the time. Curriculum, resources, and, indeed, technology have changed over the years and continue to do so. Parent resources are essential because, for example, many parents were not taught the style of Math in the […]

Explicit Instruction is Essential

Over the years, I have worked with hundreds of fragile learners, which has opened my eyes to the importance of pedagogy. Teaching is an art as well as a science. Explicit Instruction is proven to decrease learning gaps and reinforce the learning of others. Explicit Instruction is overtly teaching skills or concepts. It helps establish […]

Supporting Deeper Learning in Schools 

We are living in a busy time in education. Changes in instruction, assessment, and content resources are impacted by technological innovations, cultural and political forces, and economic impulses on local, national, and global levels. One area of focus that resonates across the aforementioned factors is the concept of deeper learning. Understanding this movement and how […]

Engaging Students with Shorter Attention Spans

Over the years, I’ve noticed that my students’ attention spans have decreased. This is a trend that is unsettling for educators and educational stakeholders. I have not changed my expectations. However, I have noticed that students lack the stamina to read longer books, sustain attention for long periods to watch educational video clips, and become […]

Facilitating Learning vs. Teaching   

Teaching is often described as a professional practice with dispositions and beliefs in both the humanist and the scientist.  Most notably, this binary was identified as part of the popular consciousness view of education by C.P. Snow in his work The Two Cultures. It is important to note that Snow’s premise sees this separation as a false […]

Balance In All Things

An Educator’s perspective on the balance in all things in the classroom. Change is inevitable. School curriculum has changed several times, standards have changed, and technology offers a wide variety of new ways to teach subjects that didn’t exist less than a decade ago. Talk to a veteran school teacher, and they will tell you […]

Teacher Modeling 

Educator teaching a lesson on a whiteboard.

While sitting in a driver’s education class is essential, no one knows how to drive a car until they experience physically driving a car.  The process of both teaching and learning takes time and practice, and it is best applied when there is someone there helping you along the way. This person is a “model” […]

Classroom Communities: Building a Successful Classroom

Educator in Classroom Planning

Teresa Marchant Structural Engineers are experts in the construction field. They ensure that buildings will stand the test of time. For example, construction workers install footings before pouring the foundation. Footings are what have to contact with the ground and ultimately support the building. Similarly, educators build classroom communities. From my experience, four main footings […]

Engagement by Design and the Power of Intentionality  

Participating students in a classroom.

Craig Perrier A collection of topics and ideas in education project an aura of timelessness. You know this select core of terms like assessment, instruction, relationships, and standards. They have driven education and been impacted by the field’s shifting landscape. But, among this conceptual canon exists a practice that simultaneously underlies and often eludes the […]

An Educator’s Summer

Classroom with an educator presenting a lesson.

  While students are away from school this summer, many educators will become students. They will participate in various learning opportunities offered through their district or other educational institutions over the next few months. This time will allow them to become familiar with their curriculum and tools and build community support. Last week, my district […]

New Curriculum: Supporting Innovation in Schools and Districts 

Classroom Notes on a note pad and pencil.

The summer allows educators to recharge, reflect, and innovate their practices with students and colleagues. I find this annually recurring phase of the profession to be an essential aspect of the field. Moreover, the summer is also an ideal time to design and prepare to implement new curriculum features. This includes instructional and assessment items, […]

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