Student Well-Being

When students are happy and healthy, their education experience is boosted. But how do you achieve high student well-being?

Why Is School Climate So Important

The climate of safe schools and learning institutions is valuable and helps create a better environment for student success. Learn more about why this is true and what you can do to elevate your school’s climate.

The Importance of School Safety

The Importance of School Safety American public schools have been under increasing pressure to prioritize safety. For institutions across the nation, from K-12 schools and early learning to higher education, security in the school climate is becoming more valuable than ever. A supportive and safe environment is essential when it comes to creating a place […]

Spring Break Ambitions

I was in a meeting last week that opened with this icebreaker prompt:  What plans do you have for spring break?   As I quickly arranged my wish list and turned to my “shoulder partner” to share, I thought, “when is spring break again?”  The short answer, it is fast approaching…, and I better get started.  […]

Problem-solving Technology for K-12 schools

This past week we had a horrible snowstorm. Not unusual for February, but the snow, rain, and sub-zero temperatures caused havoc the following day for internet and cell phone providers. Thinking nothing of it, I bundled up and headed off to work. I was greeted by an intercom announcement stating the internet was down and concluded […]

The Importance of Family Engagement

“Family Engagement” is one of the latest buzzwords in education. However, events planned by school districts are about more than just fun and games. Research on family engagement and activities supports their students’ and community’s academic and social needs. Furthermore, holding family events can shape the lives of all involved. Therefore, it is a vital […]

Flexible School Year Calendars Provide Relief, Retention, and Renewal

There is a growing trend amongst public K-12 schools throughout the country, and it is a shift in scheduling. Flexible school year calendars are a happy medium between a traditional school year calendar and a year-round calendar, providing relief, retention, and renewal.   The verdict? Teachers approve, and so do students and their parents. A flexible […]

Falling in Love with Teaching…Again 

It’s February, and love is in the air, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. Stores are full of candy and exploding with all things red, pink, and heart-shaped! Some people love Valentine’s Day, while others are indifferent or think it’s silly. Celebrate as you wish!  As a teacher, it’s a joyful time in the classroom. Elementary teachers celebrate with […]

Celebrating Black History Month 

Black history month is celebrated in February. This is an excellent time of year to dedicate our learning to the lives of many famous black Americans. By incorporating technology, your students can learn many skills while learning about various periods.  Collaborative Projects: Using software such as google documents or canvas allows students to create a shared document; […]

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