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AgileConnect for HubSpot Installation

Step-by-Step Instructions


  • The integration creates custom properties and three cards (Data Viewer, Get Match, and Prospecting) upon installation. These cards can be found on the right column of any company or contact.
  • Overnight, the integration matches existing company and contact records to the Agile database. As records are added to your HubSpot org (for example, through web forms), the system will automatically match those the night they are imported/created.
  • On these existing records, we update the custom properties once a week on Tuesday night, the values can be found in the Data Viewer card and the properties can be used in lists, reporting, and automation like any other custom property.
  • These properties are managed by the integration and will be overwritten if the user makes modifications.
  • You can bring in new contacts or companies through the prospecting tool. This is the only time the integration will populate standard properties in HubSpot. Note: Prospected records that fall outside of your data license will be invoiced at your current license rate, these records will not count towards your managed records.
  • You are able to use demographics associated with the Company (institution) when narrowing criteria for the contact list.
  • You can limit your prospecting list to include only contacts with an email address by checking the “Personnel Email Address Present” box.
  • If you prospect a contact, they will be associated with the appropriate company, if the company does not exist, one will be created.
  • The search results contain records that are unique to your org (deduped). You can choose to import some of the records, all of the records, or save the search.
  • Searches in prospecting can be saved and rerun, they can also be scheduled to run automatically each week.
  • Get Match can be used to match the record if it is not matched by the automated system. You can also use the Actions drop down to prospect for contacts within that specific company.

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