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No, properties are created when the application is installed. A property will be created for each demographic that your company chose from the data dictionary prior to installing.

Agile populates custom properties that were created when the application was installed. The only time that Agile will fill in standard properties is when creating new records through the prospecting tool.

Yes! Automation can be set up to fill in standard properties with the Agile data. For example, many clients want to populate the standard email address with Agile’s email address if theirs is bouncing or invalid.

You can reach the Agile data using the Data Viewer, which is accessible in the right column on any company or contact record.

After the installation of the application, three cards are created that can be viewed from any company or contact. These include Data Viewer, Get Match, and Prospecting.

  • Data Viewer: This card allows you to click in and see the associated demographics of the company or contact. These demographics are specific to those that your company selected from the data dictionary prior to installation.
  • Get Match: This card allows you to match the record if it remains unmatched after the automated nightly match. Additionally, you can use this card to prospect for contacts related to the specific company record that you are on.
  • Prospecting: This allows you to engage with our prospecting tool where you can query the Agile database for contacts that do not currently exist in your org. You can prospect either at the building level or district level. You have the capability to prospect both within and outside of your data license.

No, contacts and companies can only be created through the Prospecting tool. If a contact is prospected and an associated company does not currently exist, the application will create the associated company as well. Note: If you choose to import companies first, wait overnight to import associated contacts.

Yes, Agile properties behave and function just like any other HubSpot property, this means that you can add them to the standard view on a company or contact page.

After the installation of the application, the system goes through overnight to match as many records as possible using our proprietary fuzzy matching process.

As you add new records to your org (for example, through web forms), the nightly matching functionality will run and append data to the custom Agile Properties.

Once a week (Tuesday night into Wednesday morning), all Agile properties will be updated with the latest and greatest data. Additionally, if you have any saved searches set to run automatically, those contacts will be created in this same timeframe. See Prospecting for more information.

While the integration does not complete the company hierarchy, you can use the data provided (Agile’s UIDs) to set up automation rules to define the hierarchy.

Agile does not utilize the credits section of the prospecting tool and it can be ignored. If you run low on credits, let your Account Manager know and we will increase them.

The integration will not adjust the hierarchy for existing contacts, but it will add prospected contacts to the appropriate company. Automation can be set up using the Agile UIDs to reassign contacts to their appropriate company.

Yes, as long as the API name remains the same, the display name can be edited. Note: Never delete or archive an Agile property as this will result in errors preventing the data from updating and eliminating the ability to prospect records.

You can accomplish this by using the Get Match card on the contact or company you would like to match.

Yes, the righthand column can be adjusted based on users or user groups to remove the Prospecting card.

Settings -> Data Management -> Contacts -> Record Customization -> Customize the right sidebar

You can use this information to initiate duplicate cleanup efforts.

When importing prospected records, Agile uses the state code to populate the state fields. If those fields are restricted to full name picklists in the client’s org, the prospected records will fail.

You can create a workflow to update the Company Name with the Institution Name Proper. If you don’t want ALL company names to be overwritten, you can limit the flow to impact only records where the Source = ‘Y’. These are records imported by Agile.

The Source value will equal ‘Y’.

No, you will need to navigate to building prospecting for school titles and district prospecting for district titles.

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