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AgileConnect for HubSpot

Step-by-Step Instructions



What you’ll need:

  • HubSpot user credentials with Admin permissions
  • Invitation email that includes installation link

Estimated time to complete: 5 minutes

Installing the Application

  1. Click the Package Installation URL found in the new order email
  1. Log in to your HubSpot account as an Admin. Note: You may already be logged in.
  1. Select your HubSpot account. You may not see this option if you only have a single account associated with your login.
  1. Grant permissions to the application.
  1. You will see an “Authentication successful” message. You can close that tab/window.
  1. Congratulations, you have completed the setup for your AgileConnect integration. Overnight, requested properties will be created, the data match completed, and values appended to the new custom properties. Note: New contacts are not automatically created upon installation, this requires setting up a query through the Prospecting tool. See the Prospecting page for more information and instructions.

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