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Supporting Professional Development in Schools and Districts 

A popular saying reminds us about the value of collaboration and cooperation when realizing meaningful, sustained goals. It states, “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” The most common iteration of this sentiment in education is through some form of professional development. Your organization is uniquely […]

Engage and Grow

A common question among K-12 education is, “how do we engage our students?” Students in 2022 have a large variety of learning tools and resources that allow them to do the basics of fundamental learning while also allowing them to participate in STEM projects and tour landmarks virtually, such as The Smithsonian, as well as […]

The Importance of Planning Professional Learning Communities

“Professional Learning Communities” is not a new educational concept. However, essential strategies must be implemented to make them more effective. Being a district that has seen the evolution of PLCs, there are immediate strategies that should be implemented. Consider the following when evaluating the effectiveness of a PLC in a school or district. Agendas-  The […]

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