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How Education Companies and Their Products Can Help Teachers 

How can more teachers integrate educational technology into their classrooms in a productive way that builds on their skills and improves learning?  Embracing educational technology  Teachers and administrators can have misconceptions about what technology usage means for their classrooms because they may not completely understand its benefits. This confusion can lead to hesitancy to embrace […]

Engaging Students with Shorter Attention Spans

Over the years, I’ve noticed that my students’ attention spans have decreased. This is a trend that is unsettling for educators and educational stakeholders. I have not changed my expectations. However, I have noticed that students lack the stamina to read longer books, sustain attention for long periods to watch educational video clips, and become […]

American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding Update

American Rescue Plan (ARP) in 2022  The ARP was renewed in 2022, and the stipulations were also adjusted. According to the White House, “In 2022, CDC will award $3 billion through a new, first of its kind American Rescue Plan-funded grant program to strengthen the future public health workforce, including offering community health workers and others hired […]

Agile Education Marketing: We Are Different

Why should you work with Agile? At Agile, we are different to work with; we try to listen to our clients and work effectively with you without any forced pre-canned solutions on them. As you try Agile, you will learn we are different to work with and yield better results. We are constantly trying to […]

Agile Education Marketing: Who We Are

Why should you work with Agile? We are Agile, and that means we listen to our clients, make adjustments, and are open to providing flexible solutions to our clients. So when you come to Agile, you can expect a true partner in the education space. People should work with us because we provide such […]

Facilitating Learning vs. Teaching   

Teaching is often described as a professional practice with dispositions and beliefs in both the humanist and the scientist.  Most notably, this binary was identified as part of the popular consciousness view of education by C.P. Snow in his work The Two Cultures. It is important to note that Snow’s premise sees this separation as a false […]

How Your Brand Can Support Back-to-School Season

It’s that time of year again, and while the back-to-school bells are echoing through hallways, your brand should be responding to support educators. But it’s no secret that schools need to operate differently than they did even five years ago, so the way that administrators and teachers are connected with the tools they need to […]

Balance In All Things

An Educator’s perspective on the balance in all things in the classroom. Change is inevitable. School curriculum has changed several times, standards have changed, and technology offers a wide variety of new ways to teach subjects that didn’t exist less than a decade ago. Talk to a veteran school teacher, and they will tell you […]

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