x-0-0-0-14091341-400When spending money in the classroom, the government-provided budget falls short of what teachers need to operate effectively. This means that educators are out in the marketplace buying their school supplies, from books to pencils and other tools. In fact, "80% of teachers said that they have some input and personal involvement in purchasing materials and school supplies for their classrooms."

What it Costs to Run a School: Education Expenses

Operating a school is not an inexpensive endeavor. From public to private and charter schools, we deep dive into what it costs to educate America’s youth.  From providing a fair salary to educators and administrators to purchasing tools and supplies that students need to learn, running a school is costly; ….

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Moving Up The Ladder Together: Thoughts on How to Prevent Summer Slide

Meredith Biesinger School is out for the summer, and many students will quickly slide into summer fun. But unfortunately, when educators refer to the term “Summer Slide,” they’re not talking about water slides; instead, they mean the loss of learning that often occurs during the summer months. “Summer slide” is ….

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x-0-0-0-14035643-4002023 budget request 

2023 Educational Funding

Federally and state-funded education has changed considerably over the past few years, as new circumstances have required new money allocations. For example, teachers and students needed funding for COVID-19 safety precautions and remote learning needs. But as the world adjusts as needed, what are the budget proposals for education in ….

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How To Prevent Summer Slide for Students 

Prevention of Summer Slide

Teresa Marchant As students hang up their backpacks and head into Summer, educators worry about how their students will spend this time away from school. We fear that our students that have made progress during the school year will return to school in the fall without retaining all skills from ….

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Higher education

Higher Education 

Higher education in America is constantly being pushed in the K-12 system, but what prevents students from continuing their education? Let’s take a closer look at recent higher education statistics, how the pandemic has affected the number of university graduates, and what can be done to encourage more young people ….

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summer breakIf you can visualize the game board images on the classic, Chutes, and Ladders, you may recall that there were slides of various lengths scattered across the board. Likewise, over summer break there will be a variety of moments that can contribute to the “slide effect.” Think about your previous summer breaks and scan your activities that induced this impact. Please note that whatever you identify in the past, or predict will be slide activities this summer, don’t abandon those! Instead, balance those off with practices that will minimize the slide or, ideally, reverse it.

How to prevent the “Summer Slide”

Craig Perrier During my twelve years of teaching secondary social studies, I would voice an opinion that was usually a very unpopular one with my colleagues. My sentiment was “summer break is too long.”  I am not sure how well this position had aged, but why I held it is ….

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