Real World Classroom Tech Issues

Title 1, Large district, Urban, 9-12 Happy 2022! Before our winter break, I received an email to upgrade an application on my school-issued laptop. This seemed suspicious since updates had happened automatically for the last five years when I connected to our network. Rereading the email, I visualized a decision ….

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Classroom’s Latest Technology

  Technology is always changing and advancing with new information. When it comes to education tech, it is not far behind. With a hands-on approach, digital tactics are becoming more important in an increasingly online learning environment. Let’s explore some of the newest and latest technologies that teachers are integrating ….

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June through December 2021 Update

Agile: June through December 2021 Update

Download Our June through December 2021 Update: Update your data. Update your strategy! Agile is the success machine, behind the scenes, for organizations in the business of Education. Agile is the only education market data provider to focus exclusively on Education and compiles data from hundreds of sources to provide ….

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Digital Literacy — What’s Changed and What’s NEW

In a world that operates increasingly online, digital literacy is becoming increasingly essential to include in K-12 education. Unfortunately, many adults struggle with digital literacy as it is. For example, a 2019 Pew Research study found that 49% of American adults have no idea what private browsing is. However, the same study ….

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School Safety — New Approaches, Technologies, and Concerns

      New concerns The meaning of safety changed for the world in general on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly, it was imperative that social distancing and other preventative measures were being taken to prevent the spread of sickness. Safety has always been important to educators, but ….

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FETC 2022

Agile Education Marketing Exhibited at FETC 2022

DID YOU VISIT OUR BOOTH AT FETC 2022 TO SEE FOR YOURSELF WHY AGILE IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR EDUCATION DATA, INTEGRATIONS, AND SERVICES? We understand that FETC was a busy time for you to focus on your clients and prospects. We would like to schedule a time that works ….

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