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Consistency, repetition and scalability: Marketing success with minimum effort

 Today, we read emails similar to the way many used to wake up and scan the morning paper. It’s as simple as turning on your phone, clicking a message symbol, scrolling through work updates to clothing ads, and everything in between. So, how do you achieve marketing success with minimum effort?  Edtech companies can do […]

Designing a Contemporary Curriculum: Do you accept the Challenge?

Craig Perrier This is a dynamic time to be in the field of education. Maybe it always is. But the changes happening now feel less imposed by external forces – politicians, testing companies, etc. – and more as people involved with the field generate improvements. Moreover, the democratization of ideas provided by technology has increased […]

How Educators Can Use TikTok and Clubhouse to Build Connections

Teachers understand the value of finding ways to connect with their students in a way that’s meaningful, fun and relevant. They understand the same is just as important for joining forces with other like-minded professionals. Social media has made it easier for educators to form such connections, and two newer applications are making a major […]

Creating Data Informed Strategies for Business Success

Today, reaching specific schools or districts relies on personalization through thorough research. Understanding pain points, navigating hardships, and creating a solution that’s valuable to their particular needs are critical to the success of your business. A strategy built on targeted outreach and raw data allow you to grow and give your clients exactly what they […]

Back to School, Are You Ready?

Agile Think Differently

Meredith Biesinger School is out for summer, Yet it will be the 2021-2022 school year in the blink of an eye! Even during the summer, teachers are always in preparation mode, so now is an ideal time to reach out to educators and ask how you can help them while offering your services and products. […]

Summer Break RESET

Teresa Marchant   I have never wanted summer break more this year compared to any other year!  Like many other educators around the country, this past school year has stretched me emotionally, academically, and physically. Late nights were filled with grading papers, checking emails, flipping lesson plans, developing additional online lessons, learning new technologies, and attending […]

Webinar: What School Could Be. Should Be.

What School Could Be. What Schol Should Be. In a flash – school changed.  But so did the workplace.  So, what could school look like in order to prepare our students for this new world they will enter?  What should school look like to serve students better?  Join education thought leader, Michael Niehoff for a look at the latest in […]

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