Classroom Reflections on 2020, and Preparing for 2021

By: Meredith Biesinger As 2020 comes to a close, teachers everywhere are uncertain about what 2021 will bring. While many had hoped for a return to a traditional learning model, that does not appear to be on the horizon for many school districts, in many states, across the country. During one ….

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The Ultimate Email Marketing Toolkit

Data from a 2017 Agile Education Marketing survey reveals that educators value email for communicating with vendors about their products and services. However, research also indicates that your competitors have caught on to email’s effectiveness, as educators receive many emails every single day — often reaching the double digits. Your messages must make a statement […]

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Teaching with news

Teaching With the News: How to Set Educators up for Success

Today, educators across the nation are faced with a very difficult task many teachers didn’t have to navigate decades ago: Understanding how to teach while living in the digital age. Technology and social media make it very easy to access information at your disposal, right in the palm of your ….

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Support for customer-facing teams in an ever-changing school landscape

Your company’s marketers and sales staff are absolutely critical parts of your overall operations. These customer-facing teams build effective and engaging marketing materials, make contact with key stakeholders through a variety of means and close the deals that provide the revenue needed to fuel your operations. Supporting these teams is ….

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Finding Your Virtual Niche

By: Meredith Biesinger There is no such thing as a “one size, fits all” virtual learning resource. What students and teachers need is so varied, that it’s impossible for a single company to produce a product that suits everyone, all the time. However, it is very possible to produce and ….

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