How to Make Your Landing Pages a Conversion Machine

Landing pages are powerful tools for marketers. Online advertising, including e-mail campaigns, that use landing pages typically see a conversion rate improvement of least 25%*. But what makes a good landing page? Interestingly, this is a topic on which most marketers agree. However, landing page success is all in the execution, and you have to ….

How to Keep Your Emails out of SPAM Filters

Deliverability is the first hurdle in successful email marketing. It may surprise you to learn that even if you have your customer’s permission to send emails, spam filters can block 10%-20% of those emails. While all spam filters work basically the same way – it’s a point-based system – there is no industry standard. What ….

Ad Retargeting Increases Your Long-term ROI

Enough studies have shown that 90-98% of your website’s visitors leave without interaction that we can accept it as fact. Many companies have had success in converting some of those 90-98% to customers through ad retargeting programs. So what is ad retargeting, how does it work, and how can your company benefit? In a retargeting ….

How to Improve Your Email Results

Email is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing toolbox, and the most successful email marketers are the ones who regularly review, analyze, and test their campaigns. The reason? Even with proven campaigns, there are opportunities to improve results that can contribute to the bottom line. Let’s look at several key areas: Content: […]

Boost Your Conference ROI with Targeted Emails

The first rule of email marketing is, “It’s not about you.” Even though you have metrics to meet, any email campaign that puts your company first will get derailed before it gets to your customer’s inbox. Whether you’re building one email or a campaign, you must focus on the needs of your audience. Start by […]

The Changing Role of Email Marketing

The days of indiscriminate email blasts are long gone. Part of this shift is due to the changing role of marketing itself from a broadcast or interruption process to an attraction process. More than ever before, educators are in the driver’s seat of any relationship that develops between them and your organization. They will research […]

The Importance of Engaging Subject Lines and Preheaders for your Emails

Testing each component of your email should be part of every campaign. Two make-it-or-break-it elements in terms of open rate and engagement are the subject line and the preheader. Even if a reader is predisposed to open emails from you, the subject line and the preheader usually determine whether a particular email gets opened or […]

How to Choose Your Best Social Media Channels

Every time you turn around it seems like there is a hot new social media channel competing for our attention. As a marketer, how do you decide where your company should focus its time and resources? The good news is, you don’t need to be on every social media platform. Even with all the buzz […]

7 Tips for Creating Successful Lead Generation Email Campaigns

Experts agree about the importance of email in generating leads. According to Marketing Profs, email is still the highest performing digital marketing tactic we have in our tool kits. Marketing Sherpa reports that email is the primary lead generation tool with 81% of survey respondents stating email is their most effective channel for lead generation. […]

The Essentials of Marketing Automation

When it was first introduced, marketing automation software was designed to send emails. Now it is infinitely more robust and offers a range of marketing automation tools including those for social marketing, data management, and predictive analytics. According to Hubspot, a marketing automation platform makes it easier for companies to schedule their emails, segment their […]

How to Re-engage Inactive Email Subscribers

There is an old maxim in marketing: It’s less expensive to generate business from existing customers than it is to land new ones. This has certainly proven itself in education subscription businesses such as magazines and software licensing, where renewals are far more profitable than new subscribers. And if you know your acquisition cost per […]

6 Basic Email Analytics to Start Tracking Today

All signs point to the incredible value of email marketing for everything from building brand awareness to improving lead generation to driving sales. Educators in particular rely on promotional emails to learn about the numerous teaching solutions available to them, including supplemental materials, classroom supplies and professional development materials. In fact, 66 percent of respondents […]

Keep it Clean! The Importance of Data Hygiene to Sales and Marketing Efforts

Data is an education company’s most important asset. Accurate data allows company leaders to make good decisions about business initiatives. Creating marketing and sales programs that efficiently generate qualified leads depends on clean, accurate data. Maintaining data hygiene in databases means that each area of the company is working with the same data for an […]

6 Lessons for Improving Email Response and ROI

Agile’s February 2017 survey reveals that most educators receive fewer than 20 emails about education products and services daily. This is good news for education marketers, suggesting that the inbox continues to be a great place to connect with administrators and teachers.Learn more about how educators are interacting with one of our favorite marketing channels, […]

Overcome the 5 Hurdles to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Email is an effective way to communicate with today’s educators. Not surprisingly, 51 percent of Curriculum Directors told Agile that they like learning about edtech through emails. However, email as a preferred method of communication extends beyond those more tech-savvy educators. In Agile and SheerId’s 2016 Teacher Spending and Loyalty Survey, 66 percent of teachers […]

{Survey Results} How Educators Interact with Email — Part 1

{Survey Results} How Educators Interact with Email — Part 1 In February 2017, Agile Education Marketing asked educators all about email. Do they like receiving emails about education products and services? What prompts them to open and act on these emails? How many of these emails do they receive daily? Part 1 of our survey […]

{Survey Results} How Educators Interact with Email — Part 2

In February 2017, Agile Education Marketing asked educators all about email. Do they like receiving emails about education products and services? What prompts them to open and act on these emails? How many of these emails do they receive daily? Part 2 of our survey results reveals how administrators and teachers interact with emails daily. […]

Turn Educators into Customers with Conversion Rate Optimization

Your marketing strategy has successfully driven educators to your website. Congratulations! You did it! All of the work you’ve put into crafting your marketing campaigns has led you to this point. You’ve reviewed your customer and prospect database and created segmented lists. You’ve targeted email campaigns specifically to those lists. You’ve optimized landing pages to […]

How Can Email, Social Media and Online Advertising Work Together?

By: Connie Davis, Director of Strategic Accounts The triangle’s three sides make it the strongest shape in nature. It’s scientific fact. Another fact: Email, social media and online advertising are stronger together than they are in isolation. These three channels in particular are especially important to marketers for building pipelines and driving early-stage engagement. • […]

4 Steps to Microtargeted Education Emails

4 Steps to Microtargeted Education Emails By Courtney Pederson, Director of Strategic Accounts You’ve just finished reviewing the results of your latest email campaigns. Are you left wondering how to get higher open rates and more click throughs? Change how you talk to your prospects. Deploying highly targeted emails to smaller, niche groups of educators […]

5 Words of Wisdom for Writing Better Emails

By Suzanne Morgan, Senior Account Manager At Agile, we’ve created, programmed, deployed, and measured lots of emails. And by lots, we mean millions. We do it for a reason. Our data tells us that 41 percent of educators value email for communicating with education vendors about products and services. Clearly, educators are willing to listen […]

GCEFCU Uses Agile Data to Drive Membership and Business Growth

The Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union (GCEFCU) provides financial services specifically to school employees and their families in the greater Houston area. Since it was founded in 1948, the credit union has seen significant growth. Every year brings expanded service areas, new branch openings and more potential educator members. “We have a large service […]

A Practical Guide for Email A/B Testing

Developing a routine testing program is a critical factor for optimizing the effectiveness of your email marketing program. Our audience of educators has a high level of concern for unsolicited emails. Like most professionals, their inboxes fill daily with appeals of all sorts. The more tech savvy the educator, the more likely they are using […]

Your Guide for Aligning Your Marketing to the K12 Education Purchasing Cycle

Education, like most industries, has a purchasing cycle. In order to nurture educators down the path to purchase, it’s important to align your marketing and communications to every stage. You must deliver the right information to educators at the right time, and give it to them in the right place and format.

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