{Checklist} Create CAN-SPAM Compliant Emails with Certainty

According to Agile data, most administrators and teachers receive as many as 20 emails about education products and services daily. This doesn’t even take into account the non-education promotions that arrive in their personal and school inboxes every day. Making CAN-SPAM something that can’t be ignored.

Free Template: Education Marketing Content Calendar

The education purchasing cycle is long. To convert education leads into loyal customers, you must follow them throughout the entire process delivering carefully timed and well-crafted content on multiple channels. Between emails and direct mail, social media and your website, projects can easily slip through the cracks. Download your free marketing calendar.

Learning.com Leverages Agile Data and Tools

  Putting Agile Data to the Test The relationship between Learning.com and Agile began in 2016, starting with a practice familiar to all marketers: An A/B test. Curious to compare Agile’s data performance to its competitors, Learning.com ran a side-by-side test. Lisa Datka, Vice President of Marketing for Learning.com, shared the results: “The response was […]