A Practical Guide for Email A/B Testing

Developing a routine testing program is a critical factor for optimizing the effectiveness of your email marketing program. Our audience of educators has a high level of concern for unsolicited emails. Like most professionals, their inboxes fill daily with appeals of all sorts. The more tech savvy the educator, the ….

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K-12 marketing cycle

Free Guide: K-12 Education Marketing Cycle

K-12 education is an exciting market. But depending on the product you’re selling the purchasing cycle can be bewildering and often frustrating. Paving the way for a smooth sales process starts with tailoring your marketing communications to provide what educators need at each stage of the decision-making process. Agile’s free ….

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email best practice

Free Guide: Email Marketing Best Practices

Everything you need to know to be an email marketing pro! Email has been a staple of the education marketer’s toolbox for a long time now. While it may not be the newest and shiniest marketing tactic, it’s one that can consistently deliver good quality leads and high ROI.

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Free Guide: Be Buyer Aware

A number of people are involved in education purchasing. Some are influencers, making recommendations for education solutions. Others are decision makers who approve purchases and sign the final contract. No matter their role, you must reach them all to build awareness for your brand.

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Infographic: Make the Grade with Teachers

What motivates educators to act and how do you gain their trust and loyalty? Take a look at our infographic about teachers’ purchasing preferences to learn tips for: • Grabbing teachers’ attention • Earning loyalty through worthwhile offers • Reserving your share of teachers’ purchasing dollars

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K-12 education marketing calendar

K-12 Education Marketing Cycle Calendar

The education purchasing cycle is predictable. For example, we know that school purchasing takes time. We know that a majority of schools and districts finalize budgets and purchasing decisions for the following school year by Q2. We also know that most purchases are made during the summer.

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Reach teachers on social media : infographic

Infographic: Reach Teachers on Social Media

Teachers can use social media in a number of ways. They might pin reading activities to their Pinterest pages or use YouTube to break down a complex math equation. Sites like Google+ allow them to connect with colleagues and communicate with students.

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How to build an engaging detect marketing plan : infographic

Infographic: How to Build an Engaging Edtech Marketing Plan

Technology is becoming an integral part of 21st century classrooms — if it hasn’t reached that point already. Some proof: Global spending on edtech is in the billions, and it’s expected to keep rising. Data from Agile’s latest survey of Curriculum Directors gives insight into how to create a strategic ….

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Teachers are consumers too

Free Guide: Teachers are Consumers, Too!

Teacher spending power is strong. This group of consumers is responsible for a significant sum of money spent inside and outside of schools every year, whether they’re investing in classroom supplies, planning their next summer vacation, recommending workbooks to principals, or urging parents to download a new reading app.

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{Checklist} Create CAN-SPAM Compliant Emails with Certainty

According to Agile data, most administrators and teachers receive as many as 20 emails about education products and services daily. This doesn’t even take into account the non-education promotions that arrive in their personal and school inboxes every day. Making CAN-SPAM something that can’t be ignored.

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Free Template: Education Marketing Content Calendar

The education purchasing cycle is long. To convert education leads into loyal customers, you must follow them throughout the entire process delivering carefully timed and well-crafted content on multiple channels. Between emails and direct mail, social media and your website, projects can easily slip through the cracks. Download your free ….

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Learning.com Leverages Agile Data and Tools

  Putting Agile Data to the Test The relationship between Learning.com and Agile began in 2016, starting with a practice familiar to all marketers: An A/B test. Curious to compare Agile’s data performance to its competitors, Learning.com ran a side-by-side test. Lisa Datka, Vice President of Marketing for Learning.com, shared ….

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