{WEBINAR} Deep Dive into Agile with Verlan Stephens

Verlan Stephens leads a deep dive into Agile and what qualities help Agile better serve the market to get them in touch with the right expert.

Verlan is a results-oriented executive with more than 35 years of experience in creating, developing, and managing customer solutions throughout the entire product lifecycle. Verlan’s job is to understand client needs and how the changing technology and data trends impact their businesses. As data and technology evolve, so do Agile’s solutions.

Verlan will cover topics like:

  • What products does Agile offer to the market and how do our various products help us cater to companies big and small? What integration options are available?
  • What problems were starting Agile meant to solve? What makes working with Agile different from a client perspective?
  • What is happening in the education space, and how does Agile cater to those needs? How does Agile stay up to date and stay relevant in the education space? Why are the connections made through Agile more valuable than a normal set of data?
  • What are your lessons learned and advice that you could give to someone inside the education marketplace?

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