Agile: June through December 2021 Update

Agile Education Marketing: June through December 2021 Update

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Agile Education is the top marketing intelligence provider focused solely on the education market. Our leading industry reaches coupled with market efficiency and multi-channel optimization drive your business goals. With changes more than ever in the education field, there is a lot to keep up with. Our June through December 2021 Update will help you stay ahead with accurate data that you can trust.



Agile’s New Subject- Specific Data Points for ELA, Math, and Science show trending data for Learning Loss/Opportunity and where Learning Recovery and Gains have taken place. This pairs with $122 Billion of ESSER III Funding, of which a minimum of 20% must be used to address recognized learning loss. This data can easily differentiate between districts and schools, characterize how students have been impacted, and advise in how to respond to districts and school’s unique/specific circumstances.

At Agile, we serve as a connector. Agile helps clients with the most complete data and flexible, cost-effective programs that link them with the right decision-makers throughout the country.


Whether Agile is working with a start-up, a company with a deep history in education, or an organization looking to tip their toe into this space, our goal is always to make it simple for the customer. Learn more about how our tools and resources can help you gain the insights needed to identify and connect with educators and contact our experts today.

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