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Hassle-Free Data

Agile Integrations

Directly link your accounts, contacts, and leads to Agile’s database with our marketing automation integrations.

On-Demand Access

Real Time Accuracy with AgileConnect

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AgileConnect provides direct linkage between your HubSpot instance and the Agile database.

With AgileConnect, you'll:

  • Eliminate the hassle and headaches of data updates and imports
  • Enhance your existing data and inbound leads with Agile institutional and personnel data for easier lead assignment and improved lead scoring
  • Ensure your marketing teams have the most recent contacts, phone numbers and email addresses
  • Execute more effective marketing campaigns based on current demographic and contact data
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With the latest data always available in your system, your marketing team will stop sending emails to bad addresses or marketing to personnel who are no longer with an institution, while capturing and reaching new potential leads faster. Your marketing lead generation and branding initiatives will be stronger, and you and your data teams will have a lot more time for other projects.

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