Campus, from Agile Education Marketing, provides custom-built tools to support businesses at every stage of the education selling cycle, from lead generation to invoicing.

Denver, CO—April 4, 2017—Agile Education Marketing, a leading provider of education information and marketing solutions, announced today the release of Campus, a new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) application that provides a complete set of sales and marketing systems integrated with and powered by Agile’s robust database of K-12 public, private and Catholic schools and districts

With Campus, any business that sells products or services to educators can market and sell using a single platform. Campus provides integrated CRM, email platform. Campus provides integrated CRM, ESP (Email Service Provider), lead capture, lead nurture, proposal, and invoicing functionality. Each of these functions has been specifically designed to accommodate the unique way that districts and schools are structured, make decisions and purchase products.

“Businesses spend a lot of time and money trying to fit and maintain education information,” said Scott Brooks, Agile’s Vice President of Corporate Development. “Campus was specially built for how education businesses operate and how they interact with education customers and prospects. Campus supports the full cycle of sales and marketing functions in one system. Companies will see savings from being able to let go of redundant systems and will reduce headaches and hassles for their tech, sales and marketing teams who will no longer have to learn, manage or maintain multiple systems.”

Managing Partner Verlan Stephens added, “Our focus is to make it easy for businesses selling to schools, especially those new to the market, to connect with educators and move them through the lead to customer lifecycle. Over the years, we’ve helped a lot of companies integrate our information into CRM, marketing automation and email platforms. We realized there was a real need for a system that works the way education businesses do without any custom programming or workarounds.”

Campus empowers education businesses to create targeted sales and marketing lists; design, send and track CAN-SPAM compliant emails to educators; capture and nurture leads; manage the sales communication process; and generate proposals and invoices. Every Campus subscription includes access to more than 149,000 K-12 educational institutions and 4.4 million K-12 educators. Users may also import their existing customer data into Campus to initiate customer marketing campaigns, track sales activity and receive payments. By leveraging Campus’s all-in-one-capabilities, companies can connect with educators more effectively and efficiently, which can dramatically increase sales and revenue.

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About Agile Education Marketing

Founded in 2009, Agile Education Marketing is an innovative education information firm that supports the marketing initiatives of businesses selling products and services to early childhood, K-12 and higher education institutions and personnel. Agile’s at-school and at-home mailing and email lists, coupled with their deep knowledge and insight, help education businesses improve their sales and marketing results and maximize their investments. For more information about Agile, visit

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Published February 6, 2017 by Chief Marketer

In the Most Wanted series, Chief Marketer looks at some of the top demographic segments marketers need to target in 2017. This week, we look at K-12 teachers.

Who: This one’s pretty self-explanatory: K-12 teachers teach students in kindergarten and in grades from 1 to 12, in public, private and for-profit schools.

The Stats: In 2015, the number of K–12 teachers in the U.S. exceeded 3.9 million, according to Shelton, CT-based Market Data Retrieval (MDR), which specializes in the education market. And according to Denver-based Agile Education Marketing, during the 2015–16 school year, those teachers spent an average of $487 out-of-pocket on work-related items, with 87% going toward classroom supplies. That adds up to roughly $1.9 billion in spending power, with $1.65 billion of that being spent on supplies ranging from crayons to stickers to pencil sharpeners. And it doesn’t take into account “discretionary funding” that many teachers receive from their schools or districts to buy materials.

Survey finds that 81% of teachers now shop online for classroom items


Eugene, OR — August 2, 2016 — With the back-to-school season in full-swing, SheerID and Agile Education Marketing have teamed up for the third consecutive year to provide insights into U.S. K-12 teacher and educator spending habits. With insights from 558 respondents, the survey highlights how more teachers are using mobile methods to shop, as well as how organizations that offer teacher discounts are more likely to gain long-term customer loyalty from teachers.

This year’s survey found that teachers spent an average of $487 of their own money on their classrooms for the 2015-2016 school year, down only $3 from the previous year, while 77% of teachers spent at least $200 or more, up 6% from the previous year. Individual teachers reported spending as much as $4,000 last year to get their classrooms ready for the school year. The survey showed that 81% of teachers spent their money on classroom supplies—more than any other product or service, including professional development.

New information product provides education businesses with deep market insight into what’s being used in public districts and schools across the country

Agile Education Marketing’s EdIntel identifies exactly which schools and districts are using specific products, programs or teaching methodologies

Denver, CO—February 1, 2016—In response to the ongoing shift to highly personalized and targeted marketing and sales campaigns, Agile Education Marketing has released a new information product that provides education businesses with unprecedented insight into the products, programs and educational initiatives in use in individual schools and districts across the U.S.

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