Increase rep productivity with improved territory and route planning

Improved rep productivity through easy access to accurate, complete data. Regular updates to your systems give reps the time to research a school or district, uncovering challenges, programs, available funding not searching for the new principal’s phone number or the address for the new school in their territory.

As part of your travel prep, pull a list of the new schools in a city, route plan with accurate information, or reach out to contacts in new positions.

Get in new accounts

  • Run look-alike analysis in order to focus prospecting efforts
  • Get accurate contact information
  • Manage efficient field visits through route planning and targeting

Sell more to existing accounts

  • Know the profile for purchasers of certain products and sell like solutions

Maximize territory planning strategies

  • Create a workable plan for targeting the right customers, establishing goals for income and ensuring sales growth over time with data and intelligence about schools and districts.