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Increase rep productivity with improved territory and route planning

Educational technology sales is a demanding, challenging and exciting field for the professionals who thrive in it.

No matter how good a salesperson already is, edtech companies have the opportunity to boost their efficiency and productivity with the right data and tools. With accurate, current and dependable information in hand, sales teams can spend more time conducting valuable research about challenges, opportunities, funding and other relevant considerations. Instead of having to look up basic information, your sales staff can focus on building relationships and identifying specific opportunities with individual clients.

What problem does your product or program solve for your customers?

Sales representatives need a clear understanding of their company’s offerings to build effective relationships and encourage prospects to take the critical, final step of agreeing to a purchase. There are two parts of this requirement that must be addressed:

  • Your business must work with executives, developers, marketers and other stakeholders to develop effective documentation and collateral that sales staff can leverage to become experts with your edtech offering.
  • Sales staff must spend the time necessary to become experts on the products they sell, using the information provided to build their knowledge base and increase their comfort level in conversations with prospects.

Identifying the problem itself and how your product or program solves it for students, education professionals or both, is a critical need. No amount of school and education professional data nor the application of the most effective sales tactics will overcome a salesperson’s lack of familiarity with the product they’re attempting to sell.

Of course, well-managed edtech companies and experienced sales representatives both generally understand this underlying need. And a strong grasp of it can help inform sales strategies, including the types of data necessary for effective sales.

What are best practices in terms of conducting product demonstrations and webinars?

A positive product demo or webinar focused on sales begins with deep knowledge of the product or program on the part of the sales team. Your edtech sales team will also need to have a firm grasp of the software used to run the webinar (or the demo, if the presentation happens remotely). This minimizes technical errors and keeps the focus on your product.

Identifying relevant and interested prospects is another vital part of leading the best product demos and webinars possible. Without an engaged audience, these efforts are little more than wasted time. This is another way in which dependable data about schools and the professionals who work in them can be extremely valuable.

What is the best way to find and develop new prospects and leads?

Companies that focus primarily or exclusively on the world of education have a distinct advantage when it comes to developing new prospects and leads: Many of the institutions they currently or want to work with are stable. While districts can change, schools can consolidate and new ones can open, these events are generally well-publicized and easy to identify with access to the right information.

That makes sales of products oriented around a grade level, entire school or district somewhat easier, although by no means a guarantee. Sales teams still have to build on the work of their marketing colleagues, leveraging their knowledge and experience to connect with the educational decision-makers who make the final call on purchases.

Connecting with professionals in the world of education, be it teachers, administrators or other staff, can be more difficult. Every industry experiences turnover, and education is no exception. Sales staff need to have confidence that they’re reaching out to the most relevant person at a school, using their correct title and generally starting the conversation off on the right foot.

In all of these cases, accurate and effective data is an extremely valuable resource. With carefully vetted contact information and other pertinent details about professionals, schools and districts, sales staff can be more confident in their efforts and spend less time attempting to reach out to prospects who are no longer relevant. Creating educator contact lists, for example, can help in planning sales calls and in-person visits as well as assist in prospecting.

How Agile can help

With a long record of providing our clients with the best data possible – accurate, current, cleansed and fit for use – Agile knows how to help sales teams focusing on the education marketplace become as effective as possible. Dependable data means better support for sales professionals, allowing them to spend their time building relationships with prospects and developing mastery of the products they sell.

To learn more about how Agile can support your educational sales team – and your entire organization – with effective, dependable data, get in touch with us today.


Get in new accounts

  • Run look-alike analysis in order to focus prospecting efforts
  • Get accurate contact information
  • Manage efficient field visits through route planning and targeting

Sell more to existing accounts

  • Know the profile for purchasers of certain products and sell like solutions

Maximize territory planning strategies

  • Create a workable plan for targeting the right customers, establishing goals for income and ensuring sales growth over time with data and intelligence about schools and districts.
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