Improve the quality of your MQLs, don’t just increase the quantity.

Quantity and quality both play leading roles in effective education marketing.

Your organization needs a large enough pool of prospects to align with your sales goals. At the same time, these leads must be of a certain quality, ensuring your outreach can connect with education professionals in relevant positions.

When the pool of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) reaches the right size and your company has confidence in the accuracy of critical data related to them, digital marketing becomes more effective. Efforts to communicate with and educate prospects on the value of your solutions are more likely to provide positive results. In turn, your marketing department can pass these active and interested prospects to your sales team.

Increasing metrics YoY

  • Know exactly which messages work with which target
  • Track performance and attribution

Improving Campaign Performance

  • Analyze performance by segment & role against message & channel to optimize programs.

Improving audience engagement

  • Know the conversations happening by market, district type, etc. and tailor messages accordingly
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