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Agile takes data service home

Denver, Co | September 2, 2020 – For Agile Education Marketing, we are experts at connecting our clients with schools seeking a transition to digital.  Well, 2020 has brought the digital transition straight to Agile.  In the span of a weekend, we became our own most important client – relying on our technical skills and ability to adapt, quickly, to get everyone home without disrupting our client service.

How’d we do it?

Everyone stepped up and kept our focus on delivering for our clients.  Equipment was distributed and the internet was ramped up – while spaces were quickly created to accommodate ourselves, spouses, partners, and kids!  Then, we sped up our transition to Microsoft teams – moving to the video and VoIP platform over the same weekend.  Learn more about the Agile team and everything we do for our clients.

What else did we do? 

Overhauled our work culture.  We discussed our new setups, kids at home, work that needed to be done and agreed to a few guiding principles.  Our biggest commitment was to be available to each other – and give each other grace.  What this means is that we will take your call and not miss a meeting, but we might be putting out a meal, have YouTube on in the background, or countless other ambient noises that we have grown to love!  Our birthday sing-a-longs have even moved to a video call – and the whole family joins in!

Our culture of trust and customer first has served us well in this new, virtual environment.

Honoring our traditions.

VirtualTakeYour Child to work day public
2020 Virtual Take Your Child to Work Day

At Agile, we are a family, we celebrate, share, and support each other and our families.  One of our biggest events every year is Take Your Child to Work Day.  The ringleader for this great event is our Strategic Account Executive and honorary Director of Fun Connie Davis.  And in true Agile spirit, she found a way for us to share our virtual workplace culture with the next generation.

On April 23 of this year – we gathered, with our kids – furry, feathered, and kids with bow ties – sharing their favorite things about staying at home.


Supporting our clients beyond the data.

With offices and schools closed, we knew everyone could use some additional content to break up the day, create a new experience, and learn something new.  And, of course, Agile had a great idea!

Dr. Robert O’Dell, Managing Partner and NASA Solar System Ambassador delivered a summer series of webinars about NASA, the space launch, Mars, and the night sky.  Everyone, young and old, enjoyed the talks, the photography tips, and the cool videos from NASA.  Check it out on our Astronomy Adventures Channel.

What we hadn’t considered is that we would be teaching students about astronomy as well as virtual communication.  One of the first questions that came in from a local third-grader was, “What’s a webinar?”.  Dr. Bob not only shared his love of space but taught many kids how to do distance learning.

Your success is our primary goal.

Even virtually, we adapt our business to meet your needs and deliver the unparalleled service and data you have come to expect.  And now, you can also get some tips on transitioning your own business to digital, work from home guidelines, being great to your people, and serving your client community beyond just your product.  Not a client?  Let’s change that.

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