Supporting Teachers With Digital Learning Tools

The digital learning education landscape is currently in a state of uncertainty. The spread of COVID-19 and the potentially serious health issues that stem from it mean many districts are still formulating plans for how students will return to school.

Digital learning as a strategy for providing instruction while minimizing close contact, either to start the 2020-2021 school year or if a closure or large quarantine is necessary, is a popular choice. Edtech companies can play a powerful role in supporting education professionals. Exactly how to connect with these prospects and effectively demonstrate the value of your offerings is a crucial question.


Videoconferences can help move prospects farther down the funnel when in-person meetings aren’t an option.

Safe outreach and sales strategies

Whether the schools you target plan to open remotely, use a hybrid model or bring all students back for traditional learning, your company should emphasize safe strategies for connecting with the professionals who work in these settings.

A poll conducted by National Public Radio and Ipsos found that 82% of teachers have concerns about standard, in-person learning resuming this fall, with 77% worried about their own health. Digital outreach, through larger multichannel marketing campaigns and one-to-one connections with specific prospects, can help address a widespread issue when marketing to teachers and other education professionals. The good news is your organization likely uses such outreach methods on a regular basis.

The more difficult and far more individual consideration is when your prospects move farther down the funnel. If your sales team is used to in-person visits for product demos and to make the connections that help close deals, the shift to digital-only contact can be a sudden and drastic change. There is plenty of valuable advice to keep in mind for virtual sales calls, however.

Writing in Business Insider, Janel Dyan, an executive brand strategist, said that there are a number of small changes that can make a big impact on video sales calls. Limiting screen-sharing to crucial documents and the demo process is one important consideration, as this disrupts the face-to-face connection that is so valuable when an in-person meeting isn’t possible. Similarly, engaging everyone involved in the meeting can go a long way toward building a positive reputation for salespeople individually and the business as a whole. Taking the time to have a conversation or relate a specific part of the presentation to each participant on the client’s side is a valuable strategy.

Identifying the right districts, school and professionals for your products and services

Much of the work your marketing and sales department already completes on a regular basis remains relevant and vital to successful outreach. Finding prospects with the budget for and interest in your offerings is a foundational step. Adapting this strategy to also include reopening plans and contingencies for quarantines and closures can keep your resources focused on the schools, districts and professionals that best align with your products and services.

At Agile, we pride ourselves on maintaining complete, correct and current databases related to education professionals, schools and districts, allowing your staff to quickly and confidently gather the necessary information to make an informed decision about marketing and outreach. Our wide range of services takes things one step further, helping your business precisely target its marketing efforts and take advantage of the many digital and interactive options for connecting with prospects. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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