School Reopening Data

Verlan Stephens, Managing Partner Agile Education Marketing

August 20, 2020 | Denver, CO – Agile Education Marketing has gathered fall 2020 school reopening data for over 3,000 of the largest school districts, this data represents the fate of nearly 40 million, or about 80% of all public-school students.

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Overwhelmingly, districts have chosen to let the parents decide on the instructional format for their children with over 60 percent opting for “Parent Choice”. This is followed by 24 percent opting for “Virtual/Remote instruction” and nearly nine percent opting for a “Blended Learning” model.


Figure 1 Overwhelmingly school districts are letting the parents decide

When we began collecting this data in early July it quickly became clear that we needed to expand our options beyond the basic: in person, virtual or blended delivery models because many districts were letting the parents choose the instructional model that worked for them but even we were surprised by how many districts choose to let the parents decide.

By not creating the category of “Parent Choice”, other categories such as “blended” or “In-Person Primarily” would have been artificially inflated and not represent the actual environment at the district. There are many factors that are driving parents’ decisions in this matter: safety of the local schools, income, availability of other options and work status/type. It is still unclear how many parents are choosing virtual instruction, but some of the schools that we’ve spoken with are indicating that 20-30 percent of parents are choosing virtual instruction while the majority are choosing in school instruction.

With the outbreaks of Covid-19 increasing in children, and some of the earliest schools to open in states like Georgia are already forced to move to virtual instruction this picture will continue to change as more and more schools are set to open in the next few weeks.

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