Thank you teachers

Teachers, we celebrate you!

Meredith Biesinger, Guest Contributor Almost every teacher will tell you that they didn’t choose their profession for the spotlight. For many educators, their greatest successes are words of encouragement, and moments of connection and progress that happen with their students, in their classroom, every day. Teachers play such an active ….

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Teacher Professional Development

Summer Teacher Professional Development: Provide Usable Experiences

By Craig Perrier, Guest Contributor This summer will be like none other we have experienced. Teacher professional development plans, if they have not been canceled, have most likely been restructured to meet the guidelines related to COVID-19.  Likewise, the focus of these experiences has (hopefully) shifted or expanded their scope ….

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2019 early childhood education

2019 Early Childhood Education Supply Purchasing Survey Results

In February, Agile Education Marketing conducted a research survey to find information about 2019 Early Childhood Education purchasing habits to understand what drives (ECE) supply purchasing. In total, we surveyed over 770 licensed center directors and in-home providers across the US about how supplies are purchased for their center or ….

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social media marketing

Social media marketing in education

We get it. Social Media Marketing is a BIG deal. Making its presence known to the digital marketing strategy world is becoming evidently more clear. But as any new channel strategy comes to the market the question of “Why do I need to use it” is still asked. And we ….

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How to Make Your Landing Pages a Conversion Machine

Landing pages are powerful tools for marketers. Online advertising, including e-mail campaigns, that use landing pages typically see a conversion rate improvement of least 25%*. But what makes a good landing page? Interestingly, this is a topic on which most marketers agree. However, landing page success is all in the execution, and you have to ….

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