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x-0-0-0-14091341-400When spending money in the classroom, the government-provided budget falls short of what teachers need to operate effectively. This means that educators are out in the marketplace buying their school supplies, from books to pencils and other tools. In fact, "80% of teachers said that they have some input and personal involvement in purchasing materials and school supplies for their classrooms."
x-0-0-0-14035643-4002023 budget request 

2023 Educational Funding

What the American Rescue Plan is

Digital Literacy

Untitled-Project-75According to the 2020 Educator Confidence Report created by the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Learning Company in collaboration with YouGov, 73% of teachers feel that the experience with distance learning over the last two years has made it evident that technology in teaching and learning is here to stay. Educators understand the necessity of edtech today, and it’s more important than ever to use social media to connect with education leaders and promote how powerful technology can be. 
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