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Engagement by Design and the Power of Intentionality  

Craig Perrier A collection of topics and ideas in education project an aura of timelessness. You know this select core of terms like assessment, instruction, relationships, and standards. They have driven education and been impacted by the field’s shifting landscape. But, among this conceptual canon exists a practice that simultaneously ….

summer breakIf you can visualize the game board images on the classic, Chutes, and Ladders, you may recall that there were slides of various lengths scattered across the board. Likewise, over summer break there will be a variety of moments that can contribute to the “slide effect.” Think about your previous summer breaks and scan your activities that induced this impact. Please note that whatever you identify in the past, or predict will be slide activities this summer, don’t abandon those! Instead, balance those off with practices that will minimize the slide or, ideally, reverse it.

The Digital Divide

Untitled-Project-61Charter and Private Schools typically operate under an initiative based on the premise that students have a better chance of success when connected to three kinds of support. These supports include opportunities to serve or volunteer, close ties to social networks that include friends, neighbors, family, faith communities, and civic groups; and responsive services close to home, including an effective response system built on core values and beliefs:
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