What to expect in marketing in 2021

Staying on top of marketing trends means aligning workflows and practices with the wants and needs of your customers. While education professionals are a unique market and edtech companies offer highly specialized products and services, certain trends will impact this field just as much as the broader economy. Keep these ….

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Professional Development

Professional Learning Networks: Opportunities and Leadership that Matter

By Craig Perrier Ok, I admit it – I love networking.  More specifically, I love developing professional networks, both mine and the people I am connected to. In fact, it is one of the most rewarding professional practices I get to facilitate. The value of a successful, productive introduction connecting ….

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Safety and Success Within CyberSecurity

By. Meredith Biesinger   The 2019-2020 school year ended abruptly for many school districts due to COVID-19.  Many teachers and parents scrambled to conduct virtual classes in order to make the best of a difficult situation. We are now quickly approaching 2021, and for many students and educators, virtual learning ….

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balancing act in education

From the Front Lines

By: Teresa Marchant As we inch our way toward Winter Break, I have never felt more like a tightrope walker learning how to juggle. This year has been a constant balancing act between managing digital and face to face instruction combined with finding resources that work in either setting. Now ….

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teaching with the news

Be Relevant – Teach Current Events!

K-12 education has an ongoing challenge to remain relevant (current event teaching). As a public institution, shifting practice and policies is a slow process often resulting in technological and cultural lag. It does not feel good to admit that, but consider these two items:    Exhibit A – technology devices and bandwidth in schools compared to the private ….

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Classroom Reflections on 2020, and Preparing for 2021

By: Meredith Biesinger As 2020 comes to a close, teachers everywhere are uncertain about what 2021 will bring. While many had hoped for a return to a traditional learning model, that does not appear to be on the horizon for many school districts, in many states, across the country. During one ….

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Teaching with news

Teaching With the News: How to Set Educators up for Success

Today, educators across the nation are faced with a very difficult task many teachers didn’t have to navigate decades ago: Understanding how to teach while living in the digital age. Technology and social media make it very easy to access information at your disposal, right in the palm of your ….

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Support for customer-facing teams in an ever-changing school landscape

Your company’s marketers and sales staff are absolutely critical parts of your overall operations. These customer-facing teams build effective and engaging marketing materials, make contact with key stakeholders through a variety of means and close the deals that provide the revenue needed to fuel your operations. Supporting these teams is ….

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Finding Your Virtual Niche

By: Meredith Biesinger There is no such thing as a “one size, fits all” virtual learning resource. What students and teachers need is so varied, that it’s impossible for a single company to produce a product that suits everyone, all the time. However, it is very possible to produce and ….

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Virtual Learning

Good, Bad, Ugly of Virtual Learning

By: Michael Niehoff Saying that virtual learning, or the entire impact of the pandemic on schools, has been overwhelming would be an understatement. That being said, there have been lots of positives, especially this fall after lots of real time learning last spring. These include, but are not limited to ….

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opportunities data

Making the most of your sales opportunities by leveraging data

The academic year is already underway and schools and districts have many more issues to contend with than is normal. Stakeholders aren’t uniformly against making new purchases, especially when it comes to edtech that can help address core concerns or connect students with new opportunities for academic development. However, they often ….

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Going Back To College During the Pandemic

College students have returned to their educational pursuits. The fall semester has begun in earnest. The major difference between the 2019-20 academic year and the current one is both straightforward and transformational: Students, educators, administrators and staff must all contend with the possibility of a COVID-19 outbreak as the epidemic continues ….

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The Importance of Omnichannel Presence in Edtech Marketing Today

The omnichannel concept is no longer an emerging trend or a topic of debate among marketers, digital strategists and other professionals similarly in tune with the state of electronic — and physical —outreach. It’s now a widely recognized strategy for successfully engaging with prospects and current clients, gathering feedback, promoting new ….

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higher education influencer

Webinar: Higher Education Influencer Marketing

As marketers and sales professionals, you have a new challenge of connecting about your solutions with college and university faculty and staff who aren’t even on campus. As HE institutions look for partners to solve their challenges, you might consider influencer marketing to connect in a meaningful way with the ….

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teacher support

Digital Learning: My new favorite representative(s)

Digital Learning: My new favorite representative(s), and how he/she wooed me in the time of Corona.  By: Craig Perrier Remember when you first started working with schools?  Think back to those days. What parts of your professional self were elevated by the freshness of the job? How proactive were you ….

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virtual vendors - thank you

Dear Village of Virtual Vendors…Thank You!

By. Meredith Biesinger When working with students, there’s a common saying that is familiar to all of us: “It takes a village.” However, it also takes a village of vendors to help educators with virtual learning. I am a better virtual educator because of many vendors! There are many education ….

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Get the most out of omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is practicing a seamless approach to all marketing activities. Whether it be on social, mobile, desktop or brick and mortar making the customer experience different for each customer or prospect with the same touch points is the goal of omnichannel marketing. So, we’ve been busy finding out the ….

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accurate data email

Making sure your company has accurate data for the back-to-school

Just like educators and administrators, staff at edtech companies work year-round. Product development, sales outreach, relationship building, creation of marketing campaigns and much more require constant attention. Similarly, the beginning of a new academic year is a special time for education professionals and edtech workers alike. As teachers and admins start a ….

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federal gov

Who Influences the Selection of Learning Models at School and District Levels?

Answering the question of how students will return to school for the 2020-2021 academic year is complex, to say the least. There is no single, national plan for addressing the risk of COVID-19 spread among students, educators, administrators and other staff. Instead, recommendations from federal and state officials are combined with input ….

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Transition to Digital - Take Your Child to Work Day

Transition to Digital

Agile takes data service home Denver, Co | September 2, 2020 – For Agile Education Marketing, we are experts at connecting our clients with schools seeking a transition to digital.  Well, 2020 has brought the digital transition straight to Agile.  In the span of a weekend, we became our own ….

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Influencer Marketing Works to Reach K12 EducatorsWhat is influencer marketing in K12 Education?

Influencer Marketing in K12 Education

Brian Healy Managing Partner Education Market Experts Whether you were able to attend live, or missed our August webinar due to your busy schedule, we want to share the resources with you!  Read on for key insights and information about using influencer marketing to reach educators now.  To download the ….

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New York

Current Reopening Plans for Major School Districts

As the 2020-2021 school year begins, schools and districts are using a variety of learning models due to the spread of COVID-19. School boards, with input from a variety of stakeholders, have selected from traditional, fully digital and various hybrid models to start the new academic calendar. Tracking the reopening ….

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School Reopening Data

Verlan Stephens, Managing Partner Agile Education Marketing August 20, 2020 | Denver, CO – Agile Education Marketing has gathered fall 2020 school reopening data for over 3,000 of the largest school districts, this data represents the fate of nearly 40 million, or about 80% of all public-school students. Contact your ….

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