Gratitude for Education Partners

A significant part of my work involves supporting high school teachers and helping them do their things well. Typically, this support consists of using instructional practices, assessing students, classroom management strategies, and implementing digital and traditional content resources. Ultimately, my support is designed to impact the learning experiences of students ….

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Dear Stakeholders, Thank you.

Being thankful is a life skill that everyone should practice every day. We all have something to be grateful for. The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, and a heightened sense of gratitude comes with this holiday. With everything there is to be thankful for, there’s no doubt that ….

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A Time to Give Thanks

As the leaves become a beautiful display of an autumn array of colors, my mind often turns to reflection and gratitude. As the leaves change colors, I can’t help feeling grateful for the many things in my life that have changed who I am. Specifically, technological advances have challenged me ….

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