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Teacher Shortage on the Ground

Teacher Shortage on the Ground I recently read an article regarding improvements being made to a local office building.  The management company touted the construction of a new roof top lounge and relaxation facility.  The new amenity includes social spaces, gaming opportunities, community events, and complementary food and beverages.  The addition expanded the already existing […]

Where Are All of Our Teachers?

Teachers On Teaching Curated collection showcasing voices of real teachers on teaching today. In 2006, I was hired to teach Eleventh grade English for one of the largest and more affluent school districts in Texas; I felt like Cinderella. Unlike previous schools, there was an overflow of supplies delivered to my desk annually, and low […]

How Teacher Shortages Impact Elementary Schools

How Teacher Shortages Impact Elementary Schools The term “teacher shortage “ has been a growing national problem over the years. Many feel Covid asurbated this issue. However, in rural Montana it isn’t just a problem, it is a dire situation. Many positions go unfilled for years. In a recent article, I addressed what schools are […]

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