Inroads and Mindsets: Starting the School Year with Success

The start of the school year is an ideal time to support secondary schools. August and September (education marketing cycle) offer a rejuvenated staff and a calendar with established timelines for projects, initiatives, and workshops. Timing, however, is only part of the equation. More important is the development and communication ….

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Understanding the omnichannel marketing concept

For businesses targeting professionals in the world of education as well as many other market segments, omnichannel marketing is a crucial consideration. A strong omnichannel presence dictates some significant advantages, but it also is increasingly seen as a requirement for effective, modern companies. Let’s review what sets omnichannel marketing apart ….

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Prospect like a Pro with Prospector

  Find out more about on-demand teacher, principal and school lists using Prospector 4 simple steps get you the marketing and sales lists you need to reach your audience. 1. Select School Type   2. Select States   3. Select Titles   4. Download List prospector.agile-ed.com Connect with educators or ….

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