The K 12 Edtech Market 6 Strategies for Success

Marketing, selling and implementing edtech in the K-12 marketplace is complex and demanding. But with persistence and perspective, it is possible to reach scale and improve the educational experiences of large numbers of students while succeeding financially.

View our webinar origianlly broadcast on June 22, 2017 to learn critical strategies from industry veteran Doug Mesecar about what has worked for the companies he has worked for and with, as well as shifting market dynamics.

You’ll leave the webinar with a deeper understanding of education:
Procurement — school districts follow set procedures and timelines to buy products and services;

  • Policy — local, state and federal policy changes can have a huge impact on purchasing
  • Funding — where is the money comes from and how can it be used
  • Marketing — aligning product/service with marketing strategy
  • Sales ops — SDRs, ARs, AEs: who they are and who does what
  • Research and ROI — the importance of efficacy before, and after, procurement
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