It’s All About the Money ESSA Rules and Funding

The 2016-17 school year is the big transition year for the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). Applications for Title I and other formula grants began in July and other federal grant programs go into effect in October. What’s changed and what do you need to know about how schools will fund purchases under ESSA?

During this hour-long webinar originally broadcast on August 25, 2016 Doug Mesecar, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships for IO Education, unpacks ESSA funding rules. Doug shared:

  • Critically important new policies affecting state and district spending under ESSA like supplement not supplant and school-wides;
  • Old and new set-asides for school improvement and direct student services;
  • New spending flexibilities and programs;
  • Update on federal appropriations;
  • How the upcoming elections may affect funding and regulations.

This webinar will help you understand how to shift your conversations with customers to align with new funding streams and changing requirements.

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