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Online banner advertising is a key part of an effective integrated marketing strategy. By aligning your brand with trusted education web sites and positioning yourself right when educators are searching for lesson plans, resources and professional development, you’ll increase brand awareness and generate leads.

Through our partner, The Educator’s Network, you can advertise across more than ten highly targeted education web sites with one single buy to reach teachers & administrators. The Educator’s Network averages 4 million unique monthly visitors and generates 27.8 million monthly page views, on websites including:

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Optimize Your Response

Whether you choose to advertise across all web sites in The Educator’s Network or select just a few that closely match your target audience, you’ll receive campaign optimization services as a standard part of your campaign. Once your campaign launches, we’ll review the response and reallocate impressions from poor performing sites to high performing sites. With this methodology your campaign will achieve maximum return on investment.

Control Your Brand

Some web advertising services serve your ad to potential educators on non-education related web sites. While educators do search the web for all kinds of good and services, when you choose The Educator’s Network you can be assured that your ad will appear exclusively on education-specific web sites and be seen when educators are searching specifically for education resources, products and services. Why spend your marketing dollars on ads that could be displayed when educators are planning their vacation or searching for home improvement ideas? Keep your brand focused on education with The Educator’s Network.

Simplify Your Multi-Channel Marketing

Working with Agile you can target educators online, by email, by phone, and by direct mail – at home or at school! Increased brand awareness and multiple “touches” leads to a greater likelihood that an educator will turn to your company when it’s time to purchase.

Maximize Your ROI

A critical part of your banner ad campaign success is tied to what happens once an educator clicks on your ad. Agile’s Creative Services partner, Underscore Creative, can assist you with writing and designing banner ads to The Educator Network’s specifications as well as help develop a landing page strategy that guides people to your desired response – whether that’s lead generation or a sale. Underscore will copywrite, design, program, and host (if needed) several landing pages to test which content and design is most effective with your banner ad campaign.

Request a Media Kit

Interested in learning more about The Educator’s Network and how it can expand your reach?  Contact your Agile Account Executive to request a media kit.

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