October 16, 2018

Denver, CO - Agile Education Marketing announces the addition of social media services to our extensive offerings in engagement and education market intelligence. Agile Social is an effective engagement service designed to enable you to reach beyond traditional marketing channels and engage with your customers and target audience where they spend time already. Agile Social connects you on the key social media channels used by educators.

Director, Digital Strategy, Ryan Fox says, “Agile Social will open new doors for our clients improving online traffic, building awareness with the right people and driving more sales. We have already seen so much success and I look forward to working with even more companies on their social strategies.”

Agile Social enables our clients to further leverage the market insights and business knowledge that exists, in a new way. Clients can now run laser-targeted advertisements to just the right people, target specific people based on their own customer or prospect lists, and even retarget website visitors to keep their message front and center.

Agile Social extends the education market expertise our clients have relied on for over a decade. Chief Information Officer, Verlan Stephens shares, “The data know-how from our team that you’ve relied on for over a decade can now inform your social media campaigns and strategy. Our social media advertising services combined with our experience in education target marketing, help you generate immediate results on social media.”

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Founded in 2009, Agile Education Marketing is the leading data intelligence provider focused exclusively on this dynamic market. At the intersection of market intelligence and business, our clients accelerate their reach in to schools and districts through innovative programs built on database intelligence, data services, targeted outreach, and multichannel optimization.

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