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To echo Mark Twain, the reports of the death of direct mail are greatly exaggerated. In fact, Direct Marketing News points out that standard direct mail volume is up 3% over last year with the expected 2015 expenditures on direct mail across all industries to reach $45.7 Billion.

Why are companies still spending so much money on direct mail in the age of digital communications?

Because it works.

Parents have a surprising amount of influence on the products that schools and districts purchase. On the flip side, schools also influence what parents purchase. Take a look at "The Power of Parents on School Purchasing" infographic for all the facts and figures.

Most of what we now know about mobile marketing comes from the consumer industry. As with many business trends, the education industry follows slightly behind the consumer market. But now that most educators have a smartphone or tablet, the gap between consumer marketing and education marketing is closing fast.

The two markets are aligned because educators are consumers and much of their purchasing behavior is the same. For example, educators are swayed by convenience and affordability in their education roles as well as their consumer roles. Now that smartphone and tablet transactions have grown 70% year over year in the consumer industry[1], it’s reasonable to believe that teacher purchasing habits will follow the same pattern. This year, sales via smartphone and tablets represent 29% of all revenue generated online and it is expected to increase next year.[2]

How a Multi-level Marketing and Sales Program Can Get Your Message to Your Prospects and Customers


Educators and administrators run in the other direction from marketing and sales overtures. If they engage with us, it needs to be on their timetable and terms.

So, how do we share our product or brand content with schools and districts when they block our marketing and sales channels?

The answer lies in our ability to provide useful content and attract our target customers through effective content marketing.

Why is this important? With the easy access to information, prospects may make a decision about not doing business with us before we even have a chance to engage them in conversation.

Every year at this time, prognosticators issue their list of trends for what will make a mark on our lives and businesses in the New Year. Marketers are no different. We analyze the success of campaigns and programs year round and the beginning of 2015 finds us looking for ways to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. If you are already using these strategies, then this is an opportunity to fine-tune them. If not, then consider adding them to your marketing playbook.

Also, larger purchases are usually tied to a district’s fiscal year, which typically runs July through June. Education marketing and sales can last anywhere from 30 days to 18 months – depending on the product and the sales channel. Generally speaking, the higher the price, the more people are involved in making the purchase recommendation. And the more information they require to make that decision.

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