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DerekBy Derek Dallmann, Vice President of Sales

It’s official. We now live and work in the era of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). And something of utmost importance for vendors to provide in this new education landscape is proof that your products and services really work.


The New Standard

Moving forward, evidence of effectiveness is one of the key pieces of information educators will seek out when evaluating purchases. Reason being, ESSA has made it a priority to ensure that any federal dollars spent on educational programming are dollars that produce results. In some cases, evidence is a requirement for funding eligibility, particularly when it comes to Title I interventions.

Vendors who can provide evidence of effectiveness have a competitive edge. Agile survey data reveals that educators want vendors’ guidance on ESSA compliance and are interested in working with vendors who meet ESSA requirements, particularly when it comes to evidence of effectiveness.

Connie DavisBy: Connie Davis, Director of Strategic Accounts  

When asked what sources they value most for information about education products and services, educators rank webinars toward the top of their list. In fact, 51 percent of administrators and 36 percent of teachers say they find webinars valuable.

Marketers value webinars, too. They provide the perfect opportunity to establish thought leadership surrounding brand-relevant topics while generating leads to fill the sales pipeline. Similar to conferences (another favorite educator resource) webinars allow you to interact with prospects on a more personal level. Unlike conferences, they’re inexpensive, convenient and almost immediately measurable.

Like any event, webinars require promotional marketing to maximize registration and attendance. We’ve developed this webinar promotion checklist to help you get more eyes on your webinar content.  


Buyers Journey WorksheetThe education purchasing cycle takes many months, starting with planning in the spring and culminating with purchasing the following summer. Along the way, many educators will get involved in buying decisions around your products or services: teachers, principals, curriculum directors, library media specialists, superintendents, and more.

Each of these audiences interacts with you in different ways, depending on their roles and responsibilities in purchasing. The practice of plotting their interactions throughout your sales cycle provides a roadmap for developing stronger sales and marketing messages to each of these core audiences.

Accelerate Learning“Agile’s data integrity is superior and they help us use it in innovative ways. Agile is just more flexible and cost-effective than the larger, older data providers.”

With three core curriculum science programs, a robust professional development portfolio and a thriving community of educators to engage with, the Accelerate Learning sales and marketing teams have their hands full. While more than 4 million students have benefited from STEMscopes™ since 2012, there are still many educators Accelerate Learning wants to reach in order to achieve their goal of being the most widely used digital STEM resource for PreK-12. That’s why Accelerate Learning relies on the data, and sales and marketing tools provided by Agile Education Marketing to identify their best prospects and effectively and efficiently communicate with them.

Courtney Pederson

By Courtney Pederson, Director of Strategic Accounts

You’ve just finished reviewing the results of your latest email campaigns. Are you left wondering how to get higher open rates and more click throughs?

Change how you talk to your prospects. Deploying highly targeted emails to smaller, niche groups of educators will yield stronger results, boosting campaign engagement, conversions and ROI.


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