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By Toni Elsberry, Director of Strategic Accounts

My short answer: Absolutely. But let me explain more about why, and how to ensure your print catalog is successful in a marketing landscape dominated by digital media.

Educators Value Catalogs, Plain and Simple

Marketing has become more customer-focused. Rather than relying on pure promotion, smart marketers provide educators with brand-relevant information they need on channels they want to build awareness and trust that will eventually lead to sales.

 Agile data tells us that educators both want and need catalogs. In fact, approximately:

  • 43 percent use catalogs to learn about supplemental materials
  • 26 percent to learn about school supplies
  • 22 percent to learn about professional development materials

Learning Logo NoTag“ The response was better from Agile’s data. Plus, the service and support we received from Agile when deploying our campaigns was exceptional.” recognizes the critical role technology now plays in education. That’s why it provides solutions that help teachers better integrate technology into learning and prepare their students to excel in an increasingly digital world.

The company also understands how tech-centered marketing and sales have become. So, while works to promote digital literacy in today’s schools, it leverages cutting-edge technology platforms from Agile Education Marketing, providing easy access to the most accurate educator data available and streamlining marketing and sales operations.

Scott BrooksBy: Scott Brooks, Vice President, Corporate Development 

Educators have taken control of purchasing. Instead of relying on you to make contact about your solutions, they conduct most of their preliminary research on their own, and the resources they turn to are varied.

Successful marketers utilize a variety of platforms to communicate with educators as they conduct their independent research. These channels span print and digital, and utilize the platforms educators value most for learning about education products and services, including websites, conferences, webinars, social media, industry publications, emails, blogs, and more.

But these channels must do more than communicate with educators. They need to convert them, too. The secret to turning education prospects into customers is segmenting your data into defined lists and serving targeted messages to each of those audiences.  

GCEFCU Logo“ As we have grown and added branches, Agile data has been key to letting educators in certain areas know who we are and how we can serve them.”

The Gulf Coast Educators Federal Credit Union (GCEFCU) provides financial services specifically to school employees and their families in the greater Houston area. Since it was founded in 1948, the credit union has seen significant growth. Every year brings expanded service areas, new branch openings and more potential educator members.

“We have a large service area, but membership is exclusively for educators,” explained Jamieson Mackay, Senior Vice President. It proved challenging for the GCEFCU team to reach that niche local market — like finding a needle in a haystack. “It was difficult to find contact information for the educators in our target markets.”

DerekBy Derek Dallmann, Vice President of Sales

It’s official. We now live and work in the era of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). And something of utmost importance for vendors to provide in this new education landscape is proof that your products and services really work.


The New Standard

Moving forward, evidence of effectiveness is one of the key pieces of information educators will seek out when evaluating purchases. Reason being, ESSA has made it a priority to ensure that any federal dollars spent on educational programming are dollars that produce results. In some cases, evidence is a requirement for funding eligibility, particularly when it comes to Title I interventions.

Vendors who can provide evidence of effectiveness have a competitive edge. Agile survey data reveals that educators want vendors’ guidance on ESSA compliance and are interested in working with vendors who meet ESSA requirements, particularly when it comes to evidence of effectiveness.

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