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By: Verlan Stephens, Managing Partner

Marketers are always one (or two) steps ahead. When everyone is in back-to-school mode, your fall campaigns are in full swing, you’re wrapping up winter work and you’re setting your sights on spring.

This forward-thinking isn’t premature — it’s smart. Spring is a critical season in education purchasing. Though most transactions won’t occur until summer, districts and schools begin setting funds aside around April.

That’s why it’s important to prepare spring campaigns months in advance. When decision-makers return from winter break, you need to be ready to get in front of them with information they need to make purchases.

One of the first steps in preparing spring campaigns is gathering, cleaning and organizing your data.

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By: Bonnie Glover

Imagine education marketing is a game of dominos. The one where you line up tiles ever-so-carefully, give one a tap, and then watch as they all topple over, one after the other.

Education marketing is just like that. The actions you take now, in the fall, will impact the success of your marketing and sales this spring. It takes time for educators to make large purchases (often months; sometimes years). Now is the time to line up your dominos and kick-start the buyer journey by building awareness and familiarity that will eventually lead to sales.

certiport“ Agile data has always performed consistently, while our results with other vendors have been all over the board.”

You develop high-quality content educators want. Check. You deliver that content via multiple marketing channels you know educators value for product research. Check. You review and analyze the results of every campaign to inform and improve future deployments. Check.

You may follow all of these marketing best practices, but none of them matter if your messages don’t resonate with the right audience.

Certiport, a Pearson VUE business, knows the importance of audience. That’s why the company has leased Agile Education Marketing’s email, personnel and building data since 2013 for many of its email and direct mail marketing initiatives.

“Certiport is successful and sees impressive results with data because the team is extremely intelligent about the audience selection process,” explained Damon Carr, Agile Account Executive. “Certiport is hyper aware of what its products are, who the exact target is for those products and how to use data and structure campaigns to reach the most qualified educators with information about specific products that best fit their needs.”

Using this data-driven, analytical approach, Certiport recently deployed its largest and most successful campaign to-date, powered by Agile data. This campaign is a study in how to select and implement educator data to generate leads and fill the marketing and sales pipeline with highly qualified educator prospects.


Morgan 2017

By: Suzanne Morgan, Senior Account Manager

“Let me send out this email quick.”

Chances are, you’ve said this once or twice. Marketers are pros at shooting off fast messages to clients and colleagues before rushing to their next meeting. But, when it comes to crafting lead gen email campaigns to prospects and customers, they like to take their time.

Litmus’ new 2018 State of Email Workflows report found that brands spend an average of two weeks brainstorming, writing, designing, coding, testing, and deploying a single email. That time is well spent, particularly when marketing to educators.

Forty-three percent of administrators and 41 percent of teachers value email for communicating with education vendors. Taking the time to carefully craft an email can help you build awareness among the right educators, increase traffic to your site, and, ultimately, lift revenue.

Following an email development plan with every campaign on your schedule can help you maximize chances for success. Here are steps to include in your plan:

Every year marketers wait eagerly for Agile Education Marketing and SheerID to release the results of our annual Teacher Shopping Preferences and Statistics Survey. And this year, we reveal data you don’t want to miss.

The 2017-18 school year saw record-breaking spending by the more than 500 K-12 teachers we surveyed. Review the results to learn exactly how much teachers spent on their classrooms last school year. Plus, find out how helping teachers spend less could put more money in your pocket and earn you lasting, loyal customers, too.

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