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Today’s consumers see as many as 5,000 marketing messages per day. What cuts through the clutter and gets people to take notice and take action? Relevant, meaningful messaging - messaging that speaks directly to a prospect and addresses her individual interests and needs.

PURLs enable a high degree of dynamic customization that goes well beyond personalizing a message with a prospect’s name, school name and state. With PURLs you can create a single campaign that uses dynamic programming so that each unique person sees unique images, text and offers based on his or her characteristics and interests.

  • PURLs typically increase click-through, form submission and conversion rates between 3 and 5%. So if your last campaign had a 1.5% form submission/response rate you can expect to see a 4.5% form submission/response rate using PURLs.
  • PURLs are an exceptional lead generation tool — because response forms are pre-populated it’s quick and easy for a recipient to click “submit” and express interest in your company.
  • With PURLs, you create a single landing page that is dynamically customized so that it has different images, text and offers for each person you’re targeting — no need to create multiple messages and landing pages, just let PURLs do the work!

This is a PURL…

That PURL is merged into an email or direct mail campaign. When Joe visits his personalized landing page he’ll be greeted as a friend. All the information we know about Joe can be used to create a custom experience.

Joe teaches 3rd grade math. He will see images of 3rd grade students. His colleague Sally teaches 10th grade math so she will see images of 10th graders.

We want Joe to purchase products for teaching times tables. He’ll see pictures of that product. Sally will see pictures of Algebra products.

Joe is in Dallas so he’ll see the Texas flag. Sally in Atlanta will see the Georgia flag.

Both Joe and Sally will also find a response form on their personalized landing pages that is already filled with all of their contact information. All they have to do is verify the information is correct and click the “submit” button. Upon submission of their forms, Joe and Sally will be taken to a personalized thank you page that has unique offers based on their product interests.

The more you know about Joe and Sally, the more targeted and personal you can make their landing pages — and the better response you’ll get from your campaigns.

For more information about PURLs, contact your Agile Account Executive.

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