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Agile’s growth strategies employ industry leading best practices coupled with industry thought leadership content and experts.

Agile invests in top industry research and technology.


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Different kind of company

In 2009, Verlan and Bob set out to create a data and market intelligence company that was different and better. For over a decade, their skills, knowledge, and experience let us be responsive to marketing and sales professionals in edtech, curriculum, suppliers, and countless other vendors. Connecting companies with the right educators leads to greater success for businesses, reducing and refining communication to busy educators.

From enhancing basic education market intelligence (personnel & institution) with school performance data and 13 EdIntel categories like SEL and SIS – our clients can strategically target specific schools and tailor communications for the biggest impact. Accessibility to this rich information comes from online products like Data Explorer and eNalysis or fully integrate into a client’s existing business systems.

This year, Bob and Verlan launched targeted social advertising and targeted digital ads, now clients can reach beyond the email inbox to deliver tailored messages where educators are already spending time – online.

Ensuring the continued success of our clients business starts with our people – they are in sync with your business, your needs and what you need to do next. Keep checking back for new product announcements, education market research studies, and thought leadership virtual events.

Who they are.

Verlan Stephens
Verlan Stephens
Managing Partner

Responding to the changing needs of the market requires constant, vigilant connection to news, information, and educators. Verlan is a master at staying on top of the education market, and our clients benefit from exclusive data sets and services to improve decision making and maximize resources. This year alone he updated the education climate index, develop a virtual readiness score, and created the CARES Funding data point.

Bob Dell
Dr. Robert O’Dell, Ph.D.
Founder and Managing Partner

Continuing to make information accessible is Bob’s strength. He works closely with the account management team to empower their work with clients, and, when it makes sense, to deliver on-demand, online products directly to our customers. Bob stays connected to the education market through his volunteer work with JPL’s Solar System Ambassador program.

Bob and Verlan are always looking for ways to support the education market by sharing their knowledge and experience, working with programs focused on the start up market, edtech, and business professionals. If you’d like an engaging, knowledgeable contributor, panelist, or presenter, Bob or Verlan would love to hear from you.

Please contact Director of Marketing, Ali Newco, at [email protected]

Agile’s GROWTH Mindset History

  • 2009
    • Market Intelligence database developed with K-12
  • 2010
    • Fully customized data output
    • Offered Cost Effective data options for the education market
  • 2011
    • Same day order turn around
    • Industry Thought Leadership Webinars – Monthly
  • 2012
    • Data – Added public libraries
    • Data – Added Higher Education
  • 2013
    • Data – Added Early Childhood
    • Automated eProfiles
    • Coaches added to K12 file
  • 2014
    • Introduced ConnectLink – Salesforce integration.
  • 2015
    • Look UP API data integration
    • Automated contract file output on a weekly or monthly basis
  • 2016
    • EdIntel
    • Educator Marketplace
  • 2017
    • Data – School/Student Performance Data
    • Selling to Schools
  • 2018
    • Prospector
    • School Look Up – public free service
    • AgileConnect data integrations
    • Data – Added Library Systems
  • 2019
    • Targeted Social advertising
    • Data – Higher Ed Hierarchy
    • SEL Data / School Climate Data Set
    • Celebrate 10 Years
  • 2020
    • Targeted digital advertising
    • Virtual Readiness Score data point
    • Data – HE Course Level
    • Contract Statistics
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