Tik Tok Use in Education

Anyone who uses social media has at least heard of Tik Tok, the social networking service that takes video sharing to the next level. From short-form dances to comedy sketches and magic tricks, there’s something for everyone on the well-known app.

But just how popular is it? In 2019, TikTok was downloaded 738 million times, 46 million of those downloads coming from Americans, according to Business of Apps. People of all ages are using this social network on a regular basis, but it seems to have the most traction with Generation Z; teens are creating, sharing, and viewing videos more than anyone, according to Business Insider.

This information alone shows just how much of an impact social media has on school-aged children; edtech marketers adding TikTok to their mar-tech stack and can prove to be highly beneficial for educators.

Tik Tok

How can teachers use TikTok?

Now, more than ever, teachers are searching for fun and creative ways to gain attention and encourage participation from students. Remote and hybrid learning makes it more difficult for educators to connect with children the way they normally would in person. With TikTok showing so much engagement with the younger generation, it poses a great opportunity for educators to connect with their students in a new, refreshing way.


Here are a few reasons educators may consider taking advantage of TikTok:

1. To improve student engagement

Whether learning remotely or in-person, many educators can agree that students keep their phones on them no matter what. Instead of fighting with students to put away their phones, TikTok can be used as a way to reconnect with kids, as recommended by Education Week. It’s an outlet for students to get creative — especially when they’re spending so much time at home — and express themselves for projects and homework assignments.

2. A lesson in responsibility

TikTok may seem intimidating to some educators, but setting boundaries can set the right tone for app usage and the appropriate message for students. Privacy issues and opportunities for bullying are two major issues that could occur when students are given access to use TikTok, but this can also provide teachers an opportunity to teach them how to be responsible with social media; a lesson that can be very useful later in life.

3. To build a sense of community

The younger generation might be using TikTok the most, but that doesn’t mean educators themselves can’t get behind the platform. With TikTok, teachers can connect with one another and share teaching experiences and struggles during the pandemic (and beyond). It’s also a great opportunity to share teaching tips, tricks, and hacks in a convenient way.

4. To network with other like-minded teachers
Networking is important in every industry. When educators connect on TikTok, they can chat directly, stay in contact and potentially meet in the future for business purposes.

How can you use TikTok to market to educators?

Edtech companies understand the importance of shifting marketing schemes to align with the changing times. Just as technology, or in this specific case, TikTok, can be used to improve student outcomes with a creative spin, you can take similar routes of connectivity and creativity to reach teachers.

At Agile, we can help you make targeted connections that drive results. By utilizing TikTok, you can market your services and quickly learn which ways educators are interested in based on engagement data.

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With Agile data, we are confident you can gain engagement with educators on social platforms that you may not think about, like TikTok. To learn more, contact our experts today.

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