Teachers are spending out of pocket our survey says

In our most recent teacher spending survey Agile’s goal was beyond providing the best and most accurate data in the education industry, it is to provide you with the knowledge and resources to market and sell your product in the smartest most efficient way possible. Educators are one of the most reliable and loyal customers you will work with, especially when you use your marketing and sales strategies to engage with your target market in the way they want you to.

In our sixth annual teacher spending survey in partnership with SheerID we surveyed over 200 K-12 teachers from across the US to find out what their spending and shopping habits are and what drives purchases from these key decision makers.

This year we found that educators are continuing to spend out of pocket to help offset insufficient school and district funding, but when asked if they used a crowd funding site 87% responded no. These findings showed that teachers on average are spending $418 per year on supplies and resources for their classrooms.

Teachers want to feel valued.

We asked teachers how they feel when they are offered teacher discounts and 64% said valued. Consider what you can offer to make educators act on that emotion and make a more personalized connection with the people you want to purchase from you. You can make them feel valued by offering discounts and resources that they are able to use in and out of their classroom. 95% of teachers stated that they are more likely to purchase from a place that offers a teacher discount.

Don’t thinkteacher spending survey results teachers have an impact on school and district purchasing? Think again. According to our survey 64% of teachers play a role in the selection of technology, software and apps in their school.

Use our 2019 survey results to engage your target market and build your sales and marketing strategies around how teachers want to be engaged with.


Download our infographic to see all the survey results.


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