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Scaling personalization

Scaling personalization: 3 easy ways to tailor and personalize every message for maximum impact


Teachers are constantly searching for new ways to connect with their students to make a bigger impact on the way they learn and absorb information. Edtech companies play a critical role in their ability to achieve this — with the right digital tools and resources, educators are equipped to engage with students and sharpen their tech skills while following their traditional curriculum.


But before you can help teachers connect with their students, you need to make a strong relationship with the educator and administrator first. Personalization is essential in this process, and understanding how to scale your methods across the board can help you tailor every message and ensure you make a positive impact every time.


Here are three simple ways to personalize your marketing material:

1. Identify and prioritize the roles key to decision making

You’re a valuable partner and resource, and the key stakeholders need to know. The individuals who are making the final decisions are the ones you need to speak directly to; getting your message across to decision makers in a way that resonates with them will only give your marketing message a greater impact on potential business. This means your outreach strategy needs to be on point — prioritizing the wants and needs of the stakeholders should be at top of mind when personalizing your message. 

2. Understand the top issues for these key players

Once you’ve identified the stakeholders, take time to get to know them. Understanding their pain points early on can help you develop a strong and reasonable relationship throughout your partnership. Not only is it essential to meet face to face with these stakeholders, it’s also imperative.  You must develop insights based on a collection of targeted analytics. Identifying opportunities based on key issues will give you a better idea of what type of solution they’re looking for; generating a tailored solution not only sets you apart from the competition, but also makes you a more credible partner.

3. Use a spreadsheet

One of the most underrated digital marketing tools is a spreadsheet. This is where you can compile all of your relevant data and contact information and ensure it remains in one place over time. Staying organized is critical to your success in scaling personalization, and something as simple as a spreadsheet can help you achieve this with ease.


At Agile, we want to help you collect the data that goes into the spreadsheet, an easy task as well. Ensuring accurate contact information and cutting down on the time it takes to fill forms can be simplified with a custom data integration API. This can ensure your information is accurate and makes it easier to personalize and nurture leads over time. 


We provide a variety of data services that can help you better accelerate your reach to schools and districts by creating personalized programs built via database intelligence, targeted outreach and more. With our assistance, you can gain leads and also identify key decision makers in specific schools and districts. 

Interested in learning more about how Agile can help? From completing contact records to converting leads to paid customers, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to one of our education marketing experts today to get started.