Relevant Communication Feels Good!

The education industry is an industry of communication. Information is constantly and consistently being shared, taught, evaluated, studied, and revised. Stephen R. Covey once said,   “When the trust account is high, communication is easy, instant, and effective.” For businesses that are marketing towards educators, trust is key. Is the information you’re sharing with teachers, and administrators, relevant to them as professionals, and/or their classrooms and schools? If so, you are laying a foundation of professional trust that can be built upon and where communication can continue.


Teachers use social media, particularly Pinterest at a higher rate than the national average; reach them where they are. Get noticed on social media, connect, and communicate by creating shareable content. Also, “show, don’t tell.” Educators are discerning buyers, and often times want to see a potential product or service in action before purchasing it for their classroom or school. How do you do this? Through case studies, and real world examples, a company can communicate that their product is relevant and worth purchasing.



Positive communication with educators can be done through using key words that focus on educator’s desires to help their students. Educators invest their hearts, time, and talents into their students, and they also invest their money. To earn a piece of that investment, metaphorically take a seat in their classroom, build a relationship of trust, and be consistent, and relevant.


Relevant communication feels good! Connecting with people who have our best interest in mind, and share common goals is exciting! Likewise, for an educator, connecting with a business who communicates well, and often, is also exciting. By doing so, they are positioning themselves for marketing success with the individual educator, as well as their colleagues, school, and school district.


While communicating with educators, remember to take the time to appreciate what they do each day. Thank them, encourage them, and empower them by offering solutions through your products. As you do so, the communication, will become as Stephen R. Covey said,  “easy, instant, and effective,” while building and maintaining trust.

By. Meredith Biesinger

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