Key issues in the world of higher education: How your company can help solve them

EdTech companies have an opportunity to tailor their marketing toward the needs of colleges and universities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional operations of higher education in a variety of ways. Although many institutes of higher learning have more infrastructure and experience related to remote learning than primary and secondary educators, these colleges and universities still had to deal with major changes regarding student and staff health and safety.

Issues tied to the pandemic have taken center stage and for good reason. However, there are a variety of other important concerns in higher education that will continue to have an impact on educators, students, and many other stakeholders for some time to come. Edtech companies have an opportunity to show key decision-makers how the products and services they offer can lead to significant and powerful change.

Let’s review a few of the leading issues for colleges and universities, and how your company can align problem issues, technology and solution for improved marketing returns.

Many paths for moving forward

“Many colleges and universities are at an inflection point.”

Many colleges and universities are at an inflection point. The need to use digital learning as the primary or only mode of instruction has altered the ways these schools operate, and educators have major decisions to make about what education will look like moving forward. EdTech magazine highlighted three potential paths for colleges and universities:

1. Restoring the status quo

A return to largely pre-COVID conditions can be a practical decision for some institutions, both operationally and financially. Schools choosing this path will still look to improve their online learning offerings, as so many had done before the pandemic. Scalable technology access and support for students, as well as information security in general, are also top of mind for many universities following this path.

Edtech companies need to keep these key priorities in mind as they market to schools aiming for an eventual return to the status quo. Change is still likely, but these schools will need solutions relevant for in-person learning and, often, supporting a substantial on-campus student body.

Untitled-Project-172. Evolving based on experience

Moving to a largely or completely online learning model may be attractive to certain schools. That’s especially true for colleges and universities that realized early success or operational and financial improvements despite the negatives associated with the pandemic. These schools face an increased need to equitably and effectively connect all students with the digital resources needed for success. They must also structure curricula and design courses with digital learning in mind.

If your company provides solutions for distributing learning content and structuring and managing lesson planning, it may have a powerful opportunity. Schools in this category will need reliable tools related to organization, student management, and performance tracking that help them address new and complex problems related to digital education.

3. Making a thorough transformation effort

Digital transformation means major cultural shifts, along with significant changes to the institutional processes and technology. The eventual results may be similar to schools following the “evolve” path, but the change itself is a much more concentrated effort.

Consulting firm SEI said data analytics can be a vital part of effective digital transformation. There are many valuable dimensions of data to be gathered, from student reviews of instructors to the utilization of on-campus and digital services and support mechanisms. 

Edtech companies that offer data collection and analysis solutions can bring significant value to the table, helping schools generate useful insight about operations and adjust their strategy accordingly. Change management tools can similarly play a critical role in assisting educators and administrators who must make major adjustments to long-term-plans and day-to-day responsibilities, so promoting them is wise as well.

Building effective outreach with reliable data

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