How To Find Insights From Data

Having accurate data is vital for extracting valuable insights. However, this is only the first step. Effective and consistent discovery of actionable insight from data requires careful review and analysis. Data analysis and visualization tools are especially useful, and so are the perspectives of well-trained, capable staff members.

When it comes to education marketing, data insights allow your organization to better identify prospects, tailor marketing and sales collateral and generally understand the needs of potential customers. Understanding the answers to these common questions can help your company develop dependable processes for extracting insights and putting them to use.

data insight

What is the difference between data, information and insight?

These three definitions will help you understand the relationship between these concepts:

  • Data can be seen as relevant, but raw, material. It can be incredibly useful but must be standardized, validated and go through other processes to turn into something actionable.
  • Information builds off data. It adds meaning and context to data, as Business2Community explained. 
  • Insight comes from the analysis and review of data and information, according to Benedictine University. It provides a fact-based foundation for business decision-making.

What makes data actionable?

Actionable data is useful and reliable data. There are many specific definitions tied to actionable data, but they all revolve around information that is ready and able to be used for a specific purpose. Some key qualities of actionable data include:

  • Accuracy and currency: Does the data represent up-to-date and validated information, such as the current role of, and contact information for, an education professional?
  • Standardization and cleansing: Is the data in a useful, consistent format for analysis by a program or staff member?

What is key in obtaining insights from big data?

Clear and thorough goal setting is an early and critical consideration for businesses that want to gain insights from big data, as the Digital Marketing Institute explained. Decision-makers in your organization need to reach a consensus about the goals of analytical and review processes. The right tools, processes and staff – like data scientists and analysts – are also vital, but can only do so much without distinct objectives.

For marketers focused on the world of education, this may mean finding a group of prospects similar to existing customers or using data to identify teachers, schools or districts with needs that align with your products and services.

How is data used to develop strategy?

Data is the foundation of thoughtful business strategy. A data-driven plan for marketing, product development or general business improvement uses analysis and review to turn data and information into insight that informs future efforts. In an education marketing context, this could mean drawing on past sales and product performance data to build a results-focused marketing strategy aimed at a specific group of prospects.

What offerings does Agile provide to assist with data analysis and strategy?

At Agile, data is our business. We provide accurate, current records of critical information – ranging from contact details to school and district size – to our partners. We also leverage our knowledgeable and experienced team of data specialists to generate insight specific to your company and its campaigns.

  • Education Market IntelligenceOur team offers both data packages and strategic campaigns that intersect by providing your organization with the knowledge and context needed to drive cost efficiencies, improve prospecting and much more.
  • Education Market Data: We position your business for success by providing the resources necessary to target the right prospects, gain insight into key trends, such as shifts in enrollment, and more reliably convert your best prospects.
  • Data Services: You can count on Agile to provide hygienic, clean and enhanced data as well as eProfile, our platform for analyzing your customer base quickly and effectively.

To learn more about how we support education marketers like you, get in touch with us today.

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