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How Agile Clients are Supported


In a conversation about how clients are supported by Agile's Directors of Strategic Accounts, Connie Davis and Toni Elsberry shared the following:

At Agile, we may seem like we’re in the business of rich data — but it’s so much more than that. We create and deliver customized solutions that are inspired by our desire to support you along your business journey. Our service is customer-centric, and we take pride in our ability to deliver the cleanest, most informative data available to ensure your job is smooth and seamless.

Here are some of the ways we make sure our clients are constantly supported:


We listen

We listen to your challenges, business requirements, and growth opportunities to offer solutions that we know will work and get you the results you’re looking for. Many companies we work with have evolved over the years, starting with a few of our products and expanding as their needs become broader. Having an extensive array of customized solutions and understanding when in the relationship we should present them to clients is a major competitive differentiator.

We make it a team effort

You may have a main point of contact during the initial onboarding process, but we bring in many people throughout the organization to discuss the data. When clients and prospects have questions regarding how we compile this data, issues they’re seeing with email deliverability, or information about clicks and conversions, we bring the experts on the call. At Agile, it’s a true team effort.

We’re in constant communication

Whether we schedule meetings on a weekly or monthly cadence, we’re always in regular contact with our clients. We assist with strategy execution and deployment, CRM operations and navigation, and more. As we utilized the Agile team we encourage our clients to include their marketing, sales, and IT teams in the conversation. Having open lines of communication across the board makes for a seamless, transparent, and successful relationship.

We’re very responsive

Your business is constantly changing and Agile recognizes the importance of timely responses and ongoing communication. Our goal is to respond to you on the day of your initial inquiry. We may not have the solution right away, but we’re always prepared with the next steps to assess your needs and meet your expectations.

We have the best data

How Agile Clients are Supported
How Agile Clients are Supported

At Agile, we rebuild our database every single weekend. That means you can avoid spending money on bad or irrelevant data that are creating no benefit for your business. We deploy millions of emails every month on behalf of our clients, catching hard bounces and domain changes.  Additionally, if we can’t confirm that someone is at a school or district within 24 months, the record is inactivated.

We make the integration process simple

If you’re converting over to an automated system, our goal is to make the transition seamless. We provide a dedicated team to assist, from sales and account management to database services and data compilation. No matter what phase of the process you’re in, there’s someone on standby to ensure all of your questions are answered and your needs are met. A partnership with Agile means you never feel alone in your data journey.

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