Guide to Writing AdWords That Connect with Educators

By: Damon Carr, Senior Account Executive

Educators are students at heart. When researching education products and services, they know how to study.

We asked educators what sources they value most for information about education products and services, and top on their list were websites. Educators most likely wind up on these sites through online search: 65 percent of teachers use search engines such as Google as their main source for information about teaching and learning products.

You can reach teachers at the very moment they’re searching for the goods and services you sell through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Some of the most common are text ads using Google AdWords. These small ads that appear during search may look simple, but they take skill to write. At Agile, we’re constantly testing and refining our AdWords messaging.

When perfected, PPC ads can be used to drive traffic to your site and collect valuable educator information to inform your other marketing strategies. The information you gather, along with the brand awareness you build, is critical to closing sales.

Benefit from some of the things we’ve learned from developing our own PPC ads in Google. Use our guide to write text ads that connect with educators and drive traffic to your site. And just as with email, always be testing and tweaking the creative based on past ad performance to keep improving your results.

agile adwords guide

Download our PPC Ad Cheat Sheet

Contact Agile to expand your digital advertising efforts beyond search. We can help you craft the ad creative, and then, through our partnership with The Educator’s Network, get that ad placed across more than 10 highly targeted education websites.

About the Author

Damon Carr is a Senior Account Executive with Agile Education Marketing. His marketing career spans both the biotech and education verticals. Having been in the education space for more than twelve years, Damon appreciates the difficulty and complexities of reaching today’s educators. He takes that experience and works on a consultative basis to best support a company’s needs and objectives to drive both top- and bottom-line growth. Reach Damon at [email protected].

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