Data Informed Strategies for Business Success

Creating data informed strategies for business success


Today, reaching specific schools or districts is reliant on personalization through thorough research. Understanding pain points, navigating hardships and creating a solution that’s valuable to their specific needs is critical to the success of your business. A strategy that’s built on targeted outreach and raw data allows you to grow and give your clients exactly what they want.

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But instead of collecting miscellaneous data and wondering what to do with the chaos, it’s important to create a strong strategy first. Here are a few tips to achieve this successfully:


  1. Collect only what you will use

We live in the digital age.  For example, there’s so much information collected from students on a daily basis, especially in the world of higher education. If you’re collecting data to create a more streamlined and successful partnership with a school, think about the information that’s necessary to complete the task. Don’t waste your time compiling a data wasteland that keeps you from reaching your end goals. 


  1. Remove the bias from your decisions 

Education policy is critical in decision-making. But in years past, algorithmic bias was a concern among the edtech community, as shared by researchers Osonde Osoba and Bill Welser in an interview Education Week:


“For the longest time, any time questions of bias came up, hardcore researchers in artificial intelligence and algorithms dismissed them because they were not ‘engineering concerns,’” Osoba said. “That was OK for commercial toys, but the moment the switch was made to applying algorithms to public policy systems, the issue of bias no longer became a triviality.”


Algorithmic and artificial intelligence bias should not be involved in areas of public interest — so keep this in mind as you sift through data. Computers and AI make the job easier to manage, but analyzing said information on your own is essential. 


  1. Dig in to find out the real story 

What is this important data telling you? How does it apply to the problems you want to solve?  How will it impact the future of your business and the way to handle issues for schools and districts in the future? These are all valid questions to ask while analyzing data. 


  1. Build your campaign strategies based on unbiased performance insights

With meaningful data, your business has the opportunity to grow far and wide. Gathering bias data is essential to achieving this, and working with a marketing intelligence team that focuses itself fully on the education market can help you get there successfully. Using demographic intelligence from public, private and charter schools as well as higher education colleges and universities, Agile can assist in building a solid campaign strategy based on high-quality data with a purpose. 


At Agile, we want to help you collect necessary data and utilize it properly. With accurate information, you can better cater to your current schools’ wants and needs and personalize leads in the future. From database intelligence and general data services, to targeted outreach and multichannel optimization, we have the data, solutions and programs needed to help your business grow and thrive. 


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