Data Differences: Making data more accessible

Data Differences: Making Data More Accessible

At Agile, we understand that data is important to all clients, but needs are different across the board. That’s why we deliver customized solutions that can drive your business and create more robust, targeted marketing campaigns and power your sales team with actionable information. 


But what other factors set us apart from the competition?


  1. Richness of data

The better your data is, the better equipped you are to provide products and services that fit the wants and needs of schools and districts. Agile’s EdIntel is a district data mining and intelligence tool that gives you unparalleled market insight into each school district. This information can show you exactly what schools are doing and how you and your sales team can hone in on the right message with specific targeting. 


  1. Email relevance filtering

When used correctly, marketing via email can be a useful tool to gaining clients. Without structure and message concentration, you may find it difficult to reach the right target audience at the right time. Agile’s email service platform can give you greater insight into who’s reading your emails and how often they’re opening them. 


  1. No cold calling

Cold calling potential clients doesn’t always work, especially in school administration. These professionals lead busy work lives and having the time to sit down and answer an unexpected call can be out of reach. With assistance and access to rich data from Agile, you don’t have to make those cold calls and expect an administrative staff member or decision-maker to explain what’s going on in their district. You’ll already have the information in your hands; you’re no longer wasting the time of your salespeople to get information from stakeholders because you already have access to it. 


  1. Access to actionable insights

Having a pool full of data can be appealing to the eyes, but it can be a headache to sort through and decide what’s relevant to your cases. Agile makes all information actionable and easily accessible so that you don’t have to. We break information down into sections so that sifting through the data becomes easier. Answering a question like “How can I reach the larger school districts?” becomes easier when you no longer have to do the math to find an answer. 


  1. Easy information selection

Turning information into actionable insights is simple when you can properly filter what you need to know versus what’s irrelevant at the moment. With Agile, you can gain access to the right information to easily target the best prospects. For example the, 


  • The Education Climate Index uses a variety of demographics, income information, level of education and more to allow you to identify communities that are more likely to support educational initiatives,
  • The Virtual Readiness Score gives you access to all of the districts that have the characteristics to support digital learning.


We take pride in providing customer-centric service that focuses on great data and can integrate with marketing automation. No matter your needs, Agile can get you the rich data you need to succeed in your business. Contact us today to learn more.