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Data compilation and Account Management at Agile

Data compilation and Account Management at Agile

Data compilation and Account Management at Agile

At Agile Education Marketing, we understand how rich and meaningful data is from many different aspects. Our data represents actual educators and schools, as well as relationships with State DOEs to form campaign strategy and improved performance for our clients through quality assurance.


Why do clients choose Agile?

While gaining data is the main reason prospective clients come to us, our approach is more personalized to the wants and needs of each individual. Agile sets, completes, enriches and cleans client data sets to ensure they can get the most out of their information. We have the tools and resources to fill in the blanks and ensure data sets are complete and as useful as possible.


But that’s not all we do. We understand how and when to contact the right person for information.


We consider data a person. We try to be very precise and accurate about the details we’ve collected. Our personal interactions and ability to read the room sets us apart from competitors. Working around natural disasters, for example, such as the 2021 Texas power crisis or COVID-19, are instances in which we would take a step back, remove ourselves from the business equation and remember that these are individuals dealing with hardships. Contacting them for information would be a disservice to all. Taking these steps adds credibility to the brand and provides peace of mind to clients. 


What are clients getting out of a relationship with Agile?

At Agile, we have a variety of different ways to present data. It’s not about bunching a group of raw numbers together — we make it more usable through our systems and account management team who can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Market intelligence and the way the data is organized make accessing accurate information a more seamless experience. 


Here are some of the integration options to consider while working with Agile:

  • ConnectLink: We set up the order on our end with specifications and filters. You have all records updated in real-time with the click of a button. All accounts, contacts, enrollment, funding, etc will be updated to your CRM as often as possible.
  • Data Explorer: This online platform, available 24/7, is useful for sales and marketing teams. Here, you can enter a zip code that will populate a map that brings up schools within the district. Then, you gain access to a page with a blurb about each school and all contact information for the important stakeholders and staff members. The List Builder Tool is another useful feature here, which allows you to pull a list of schools and export it directly out of Data Explorer to use for email campaigns. 
  • Agile Connect: Here, we integrate into marketing automation systems. We use the same type of functionality of data in your CRM, and push it into your marketing drip campaign. Our form fills convert leads by autogenerating schools’ location and title, as well other rich data. This process helps keep data clean because our technology ensures all information is truthful and accurate.


With all of these different options, we have an opportunity to build relationships with our clients. If there’s ever an instance where a client sees something that might be a miss, they point it out and we can turn it around very quickly to make sure the data is on and reflective.

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With data on social and emotional learning and student proficiencies, we can help you communicate personalized messages to schools so they can overcome their specific challenges. Contact us today to learn more.