Create your own educator contact lists for sales, direct mail and email.

Educator Contact Lists Created Easily – Start building your list now!

Creating your own lists of teachers or lists of principals in a specific district, school or state is easy and cost-effective with Prospector. Connect with the right educators or librarians in a single state or across the country when you create your own teacher lists, principal lists, school staff lists, or district contact lists.   A school contact list can be used by your sales reps to plan sales calls and for prospecting.  Marketing can create educator contact lists for both email and direct mail outreach, refining the message based on useful intelligence data points like funding, and special programs.

Create your own targeted contact lists of education decision-makers in schools or districts like principals, teachers, guidance counselors, or coaches.  Select from personnel or institutions from Pre-K to Higher Education. In addition, our newly created public library hierarchy gives you ready access to systems and their main and branch libraries. Your list can be used for the frequency you request and it will be updated for up to 6 months.  Your lists are saved in the Prospector system so you can update, refine, and improve without starting from scratch.  Download your list and start growing your business!

Create your own educator contact lists in 4 simple steps:

1. Select District & School Type   2. Select States  

3. Select the Teacher, Principal, or Staff Titles   4. Download Your Educator Contact List


Prospector is the easiest, fastest way to get a comprehensive and accurate educator contact list for your marketing or sales teams. Your educator contact list can be email or direct mail, targeted by institution type, state or any of the dozens of criteria available in this easy to use online interface. Many of our Prospector clients create teacher lists, principal lists, school staff lists, district contact lists, marketing lists of educators, and sales lists of educators. If you need richer firmographics & intelligence, more sophisticated segmentation & targeting, or deeper analytics and profilingtalk to a representative!

Here’s how Prospector works:

Watch the video!

Prospector System Image
On-demand educator direct & email contact lists

1. Select School Type  

Step 1 – Determine if you will be using this contact list for your sales team or direct mail or if you will also need email addresses.  Next select the type of school you want to target.  You can select from K-12 institutions including public, private, Catholic as well as early childhood education centers, higher education institutions, or public libraries.  Then you can select the building type – district, elementary, middle school, or high school.  

2. Select States  

Step 2 – Now you can refine your list by certain states.  

3. Select Titles  

Step 3 – You are nearly finished creating your own sales, email or direct mail contact list.  Now you will select the people you want to reach.  Starting with the job categories then selecting the specific titles that are the best fit for your sales or marketing message.

4. Download List

Step 4 – In your final step, you will get both personnel and institution record counts.  This means you can expand your list if you need to reach more people or you can further refine your targeting if the list is too big.  Then you can download your marketing contact list or sales contact list and you are ready to connect with just the right teachers, principals or staff with your compelling offer. If you need richer firmographics & intelligence, more sophisticated segmentation & targeting, or deeper analytics and profilingtalk to a representative!

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