Common Changes in Education

Common Changes in Education in 2021

Common Changes in Education in 2021

In Conversation with Agile’s Directors of Strategic Accounts, Connie Davis and Toni Elsberry shared the following:

The changing landscape in education is highly unpredictable at the moment. Many schools reopened at an in-person learning capacity in March 2021, but many are shifting back to teaching and learning from a remote setting due to COVID-19 surges across the country yet again, according to TIME Magazine. This has a large number of teachers worried about student learning capacity and learning loss in general (over 70% of teachers feel troubled, according to the K-12 Annual Teacher Spending Survey).


Students, parents, and teachers alike are going through a day-to-day whirlwind of uncertainty and concern. Understanding how to navigate the current challenges as an education and edtech professional enables Agile to provide a solution that is beneficial to you and your clientele.


Common changes in education during the pandemic (and our solutions)

Reduced marketing efforts

At the start of the pandemic, it was difficult to envision what the future had in store, especially for schools and learning institutions. This uncertainty led to many clients stopping their marketing altogether in March 2020.


When schools reopened (whether at a virtual or in-person capacity), many were ready to get back to marketing but needed to make changes in their product and service offerings. Agile worked with these clients to get the word out on their new and improved products.


Unexpected toggle between in-person and online

Schools shut down across the country for months. Many districts went from full-time remote learning to a hybrid method, then back to full in-person at the start of Fall 2021. Now, with cases surging, schools are picking up hybrid learning options again or sending kids home indefinitely.


Agile has the data needed to assess whether a school is well-equipped to continue teaching children even if they’re not in the physical classroom. You can use Agile’s data on CARES Act funding and eRate to assist your marketing and sales teams.

Halted tech and education conferences

Educational and tech conferences made for a notable networking opportunity. With thousands of people attending, this was the perfect place to gain leads. Unfortunately, many of these conferences haven’t been in person recently. Even with some starting to reopen, some people opt out and want to attend virtually instead as a safety precaution.


Companies look to us to fulfill leads where they didn’t have to buy them before. Many clients want to utilize email and direct marketing efforts to get fresh leads and new opportunities. To attract vendor participation in virtual events, we can assist through social media and online targeted advertising. We have programs to manage social advertising, Google ads, marketing, and more to ensure room for growth and new opportunity remains steady.


Moves within a district

Stakeholders and decision-makers are leaving their posts or moving from one district to another, likely due to the stress of the pandemic, as reported by The New York Times. Others have decided to start their journey to retire earlier than originally planned. This may put you in a difficult place to nurture client relationships or target the right people.


Agile can help you by tracking the movement within a district so you can instantly connect with the new person in charge. We can make specific targeting and segmentation recommendations based on your business landscape and the increasingly dynamic school and district personnel changes.

Agile is a true partner to the hundreds of education businesses we work with. Contact us today to learn more.